Hi, all

A million thanks to all of the readers out there.  I wanted to post here for some time, but was too afraid to do it.  So far I feel pretty good about it.  I hope some of my writings can touch some of you, make you smile, make you think, even wince.  With all my thanks I would love to encourage ANY reader to throw me her/his input.  Did you like it/hate it?  And more importantly…Why?  Any suggestions, from grammar and punctuation to your interpretations and ways it could be better, are always well received.  Thanks, again for reading, and I hope I made some of you laugh…And some of you just think.

Smiles to you,

Dicky J. Loweman


  1. Wow i love your work, you are so similar to me and my own darkness sometimes murderous poetry themes. I have only just started blogging and have only just discovered there is an audience for my unique form of writing. When i had tried putting it on poetry review sites it was misunderstood and not well recived.I tried for a short time to write for a more mainstream taste but i didn’t feel i was true to myself and decided i would embrace my dark poetry and get it out there even if it only touches one person, then that is enough and i will have succeed. I would be honored and most fearful if you would help a fledgling writer, by looking over my work and offering your own personal feedback. I respect your opinions and in site over the average writer, poet as we have similar style you might get what i am about better than others and i also respect your experience and talent i aspire to write at your level Thanks xxx

    Ps Sorry about any punctuation and bad spelling these are areas i am trying to work on.

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    1. Thank you so much. I was just on your site and had quite a good read. Keep up the good work, but never forget, do it for you first. After that, who cares about anyone else? Cheers to you and your future writes!

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  2. Hey man,
    Usually I’m into the somewhat decadent English sides of Poetry but you’re one of the few poets that with simple words can still create a plainly beautiful poem. I would’ve written something on a post of yours but I felt like this is a bit more general. Keep on writing.



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