The sunshine in the daylight can make you shiver

But you can sweat it out, in the dark of night

Especially when it’s a view like that

Have you ever seen such a sight?

It stains the eyes, puts a burn mark on the brain

Hurry it up, we have to get there

Take you time, but hurry up

You’re going too fast

Confused by all of this?

So am I, but that’s how life gets


And just when you think you have it all figured out

Here comes 3,100 pounds of nothing you can decipher

Windtalkers can’t write you out of this one, Joe Bob

Looks like we’re here to stay

Thank our lucky souls

Stay and be put

And just to be put back again

Into the ground with the rest

All the used up, all the leftovers

All that is, which no one wants anything to do with

The worms, the soil, the 300 year old dog shit

But we’ll just call it fertilizer

Still confused?

Yeah, me too

But stick around

The bargirl will be by with our orders soon

Things will even out

They always do, especially

In such a confusing world

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Advice For Her

Life will have its ups and downs

We will see the best of days

And burn in the fires of the worst

We will breathe in the fresh air

And exhale the smog and grime

But never forget the good days

Keep those thoughts close to your heart

Protect them with hellfire and brimstone

For when the days do go to hell

And all looks hopeless

You can slip back to when the times were good

When we were in good company

In good hands

Safe from the winds

And the howls of all the evil we see

Nothing lasts forever

Nothing except the memories we keep

So dear, please remember

Keep only the good ones

And leave the rest behind

For no one needs that extra baggage

And it can serve a good purpose

Leave it behind

And let it be stumbling blocks

For your personal Mephistopheles

Who is grabbing for your heels

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Solid Advice

I go to bed too late

I rise up too early

The sky is still blue

And the water flowing from my pipes is still clear

Dogs still bark

And shit on my lawn, sometime in the night

My neighbor is still a pain in the crotch

And I have nothing in the fridge to eat

Boys will be boys

And the girls will still be girls

This is life, Kido

Nothing really changes

Not in a major sense of way

There will still be babies born

And the old and young alike, will still die

I’ll keep wondering off at nothing

And laugh at the same, when I get back

The day is light

The night, dark

These are the things we can count on

And do count on

And that’s just about all I seem to need

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Just do as they say

Get in line, follow the orders

I used to hate hearing this

Maybe I’ve grown soft

Maybe I’m just old or stupid

Most likely both

Either way, I don’t let it get to me

Not like it used to

And what do you know?

It seems to get easier, when approached this way

I can still do as I please

But no barking back at them

Just a nod of understanding

They think they win

I still do as I please

And as far as they’re concerned

If you nod and keep quiet

They think you as conformed

Will do it their way

And then they leave you alone

It isn’t much

But, this is the advice I have

Listen to their instructions

Nod your head

Then go on and do

What ever the fuck you intended to do

And do it just the way you want

In the end

Everybody wins

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


You say

No one takes comfort in you

No one seeks this from you

This perplexes you

Causes you to lose time thinking about it

You look to me for answers

Any advice I can give

“Maybe you should spend less time dwelling on it

And spend more time working on it”

You don’t like this answer

I can tell from the look on your face

Sorry, honey

Sometimes the truth isn’t what you’d expect

Or want to hear

Maybe you’ll learn to take

A little comfort in that

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Someone Who Cares

Save you bitching for someone who cares

Your self-rigious ways

The pedistal you like to perch from

On your soapbox

Voicing timeless observations

Of things gone wrong

Of the ways it should be

Could be

If I would only look at it

From your point of view

Leaving forever behind, mine

© Dicky J LOweman 2014