Cheers, Alice

Pay up, then head through the door,

With that same vodka tonic in hand

I walk back towards my house,

Knowing exactly where I can find that soul

Who is much more deserving and in need,

Of this last drink of the night

And I find her right where I thought she would be,

With the same sign, asking for money or food

I offer her the drink,

Which she takes with uncertainty and hesitation

I get the feeling,

from the look in her eye,

That this doesn’t happen all the time

I tell her my name,

And she tells me hers

Alice, she says, through cracked and sunburned lips

Pleased to meet you

We chatted for a short bit,

Then I went on home

I felt pretty good with the end to the evening

Sometimes people just need a break,

A bit of luck,

A ray of sunshine

And sometime that luck of light,

Can shine in the darkest hours,

Of a usually unforgiving night

© Dicky J Loweman 2015




Hidden Brook

Babbling brook

Slender flow

With time to waste and relax

No rush to see the end

soft murmur

Endless drift

Carrying on


Slow stand

Dipping toes

To check for balance and temperature

Wading in, first ankles, then shins

Cool, refreshing

Warding off

Summer’s heat


Simple times

Easy escapes

A get-to place, just mine

No one judging, watching my steps

Happiness is

Finding serenity

Here, alone

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


I haven’t given up, on all of it

I still have hope, faith

Maybe I’ll find someone like you

A pretty girl

Someone, who looks like you

Someone, with that same sense of humor

That dark side; that evil, girly smile

The one who laughs when people fall down

When they fail

The same girl who

I can share easy thoughts

Feel good

And still feel good about

Being alone

Either way

I still miss you

And everything is still good, up here

Scratch, what I said

About finding someone like you

I misspoke

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Before Sunrise

I ride my bike, just before sunrise

Stillness, in the little sliver

Of what’s left of the night

This might be my favorite time

Of all day or night

All the creatures have wondered off

Bedded down, before daybreak

The whole world is mine

No people

No cars or traffic

No noise

Just me

Whipping along, at breakneck speed

Cool winds

And silence

For just this brief period

I’m the king

I rule all the land

Loneliness can be bitter


It can simply be

The best part

Of any given day

© Dicky J Loweman 2015