In-Between Stage

Time has a way

Of tempering all the anger

I hate the waiting,

The stillness,

The nothingness and nothing to push it forward

She sits and looks at a picture book

I type away,

Pretending not to notice,

Not to care

We have a way with words

A way of saying things,

Thing we always regret

And apologize for later

But later isn’t here yet

We’re still in that in-between stage

I lack any liking for these times

Although I’m just as much to blame

She gets up, without speaking

She floats to the kitchen

And disappears

When she returns,

She’s holding drinks for us both

She puts one down in front of me,

Rubs my shoulders,

And whispers a ‘sorry’

Into my ear

And just like that,

We’re in the clear

We’ve flushed out of the in-between stage

And landed back in “happyland”

And to think all it took,

Was time,

That very time I despise so much

Of course the drink and apology,

Didn’t do anything to hurt it, either

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Waiting Game

I can have patience, when it’s really needed

When there is something in it for me

I can sit, in silence

With just the thoughts

I can bide my time

Make use of some of it

Playing back the memories

Rehashing the scenario

Combing through the outcome

I twist it to my liking

And manifest an ending

Which always works in my favor

But this is all done to pass the time

Fantasies, played out

While playing the waiting game

And you’ll come around

But only when you’re good and ready

And of course

The ending, the outcome

Will be nothing like I imagined

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


No Regrets

I feel bad about the way it ended

But I carry no regrets

I said things I shouldn’t have

But I have no regrets

You, too said nasty things

And I would guess

You have no regrets

This can be chalked up

To ‘just how we are’

And no need for regrets

I understand

As I’m sure you do too

There is no apology

Nothing which can be said

For we both know

No other way

Than, to disregard this completely

For there are no regrets

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


The Welter Of Arguments

Say you what?

Say it again, I dare you

A heave of insults tossed like feathers

Wallowing in the obscenities and froth

Down low the boil writhes

Won’t be long now

Time ticking away at the calm

Bombs exploding are softer than your tongue

Hanging on, is clearly coming up short

Don’t believe what is said

Lies fly like flies on shit, buzzards at a kill

But after awhile, you’ll tire

Just like you always do

I’ll fix us a drink

Give you some time to cool down and reflect

Just like you always do

And we’ll get drunk again and wake in the morning

In each other’s arms

Just like we always do

© Dicky J Loweman 2014