The time now,

Has become what I refer to,

As the easy part of the year

The sun doesn’t shine as bright,

And the winds don’t scorch your neck,

With every breath they blow

For this is the Fall,


The easy part of the year

It is the great race on to winter,

When all grows dormant,

With all the thoughts of total sleep

Thoughts of sleep and darkness

Not that winter down here,

Is too hard or unlivable

Actually, it’s just the opposite

It’s just not as easy as the Fall

Of course,

I like Summer and all her heat the best

But by the time the Fall catches up to me,

I’m ready for her

I look forward to the chilled nights,

And could use the reprieve in this aging life

I’m ready

I’m set for a little relief,

From all that heat,

The stifling simmer

I’ve grown a little tiresome of,

The everyday late-afternoon downpours,

And the constant sweating

Now don’t get me wrong

I’ll soon miss and long for the heat to come back

But Autumn never comes too soon around here

And, as usual, she won’t stick around,

Quite as long,

As I always seem to wish that she would

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Autumn Days

Autumn days like this are for keeping

An easy stroll

A stop in the park

Where I watch the passer-by’s

With no interference or indifference

time is never rushed

The breeze is slight and cool

Relaxation is easy this way

A man stops in front of me

Stares at his reflection

Nothing more than his shadow

Which doesn’t judge him

Doesn’t even stare back

Come to think of it, neither does mine

And that’s perfect

A real keeper

Just like these autumn days

© Dicky J Loweman 2014