beauty in nature

One More

I sit here, on the eminence

Overlooking the soft rolling grounds

The sun is busy

Playing a game of hide-n-seek

The clouds seem to offer

Plenty of good hiding spots

The wind blows slightly

Enough to throw small whiffs

Of lavender, right at my nose

If I were to die right now

I’d die a happy man

Within the hour

The sun will display

One final burst

An encore for my day

Then slip away, exiting stage left

And leave me, again

It’s predictable

But so very pretty

And, although I’ve seen this show before

It never fails to amaze me

Like the words of a lost lover

I hang on it

And like a promise unfulfilled

I’ll keep coming back, again

Hoping for just one more show

Just one more

Just like this one

© Dicky J Loweman 2015