Bittersweet Sod

The Welter Of Arguments

Say you what?

Say it again, I dare you

A heave of insults tossed like feathers

Wallowing in the obscenities and froth

Down low the boil writhes

Won’t be long now

Time ticking away at the calm

Bombs exploding are softer than your tongue

Hanging on, is clearly coming up short

Don’t believe what is said

Lies fly like flies on shit, buzzards at a kill

But after awhile, you’ll tire

Just like you always do

I’ll fix us a drink

Give you some time to cool down and reflect

Just like you always do

And we’ll get drunk again and wake in the morning

In each other’s arms

Just like we always do

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Last Kiss

You look so beautiful

So peaceful with just a hint of a smile

Your features tell me you’re in a far away place

Your own new world

I have something to tell you

Before I say goodbye

So I bend close to you

And whisper in your ear

Words only you’ll ever hear me say

Words you’ll take to the grave

My eyes are misty, so I’d be best to finish up

Time has slipped away, too fast

So I give you one last kiss

On your soft red lips

Then I back away

And watch

As they slowly close the casket

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Bittersweet Sod

It’s endless

I could play these games on you forever
I never bore of them
I just create something
Tell it to you
Then watch and count the multitude of expressions
The ideas floundering
The thoughts being sucked into that big black void
That black hole called your brain
This is too easy
It’s fun
I could waste time with you forever
I never loose focus
Just occasionally have to bring you back
Conduct a RESTART
Then watch you kick back into dolt mode
And we’d laugh, laugh, laugh
But you have no idea why
This is too easy
It’s endless
It’s fun
This is just too fucking easy
© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Conversations With Her

Yeah, we talk
We’re so good at it sometimes
we don’t even speak
When you know someone well enough
you can read their mind
Sometimes it’s politics, sometimes film
sometimes worthwhile, but
often not
Silence is said to be golden
gold like the sun
like a golden calf
silence is worship
Yeah, we talk sometimes
Sometimes about problems, guilt and greed
Sometimes of love, vices or fetishes
Yeah, we talk
sometimes it’s to plot, ruin or for revenge
sometimes about dreams
Dreams we dream so far away
yet stive to bring so close
So, yeah we talk sometimes
usually not enough
For she’s been gone for some time now
Buried about three years ago
Sometimes we talk, but usually I just sit there and think
in silence
Sometimes we talk, and silence is golden