And there was nothing left to do

But burn the whole place down

We ate all the food

Drank all the drinks

And stole everything worth taking

We left a few things, too

Like stains on the carpet

Holes in most of the walls

Kicked in the doors

And broke any remaining windows

Like a chinook from the mountain

Blowing through at 80 mph

Causing temperatures to rise

Swearing and laughing

Screaming and banging

And just like that

It was over

Over, in a heartbeat

We left it for dead

After the great rape

Pillaged and plundered

And ass-kicked

In every conceivable way

Except, in all of the excitement

We forgot to burn it down

Lazy bastards, we were

We had forgotten

The reason we came there

In the first place

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Time Wasters

Lighting matches, one by one

Just to watch them burn


Can be your best friend

Or your worst enemy

It all depends on if you have it

And if it chooses to stay on your side

occasional glances

Watching the people come and go

Up to the bar and order

The countless rum and cokes, whiskey shots and beers

That’s when I saw her

Twisting her hair, rolling a smoke between fingers

Wasting time, just like I’m doing

What’s your story?

I wonder

But then it’s time, again

Time takes a hold and I remember the matches

Thank you, girl

For wasting my time

And so I return

And strike another match

Just to watch it burn


The Burned Boy

I travel mainly by night

I move faster that way

No staring eyes

No comments about the burnt flesh and scars

The night takes pity on me

Pulls me in and hugs me close

Safety and warmth

I work best at night

I move with a relative ease

Slipping in and out of the shadows

The night burns for me

So tonight I move again

More work to be done

The night is my orchestra

And I it’s conductor

Singing the song

Dancing the dance

Tonight we shall laugh

Clap and jump with glee

I’ll show the world my greatest work

My masterpiece

Laid in place with nothing more

Than a rag, gasoline and a match

© Dicky J Loweman 2014