Pleasant Exchange

I haven’t seen you in quiet a while

You look the same

Same as you always did

You don’t look too bad, but not that good, either

As I walk up you smile

We exchange ‘hello’

We quickly mention that it’s been too long

How we shouldn’t let it go this far

We exchange all the simple small talk

And then I continue on

Find my seat at the other end of the bar

You might walk down and talk a little more

You may not

It really doesn’t matter

For it has been a long time

Things change

People change

The in-between grows longer, wider

And after that much time

It’s realized

We’re out of things to say

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Church Candles

I happen to be fond of churches

I like their peace and quiet

Their serenity and cold

I find serendipity in the architecture

But most of all

I am always captivated by the prayer candles

Lit for change

Lit for memories of days and persons past

I find comfort in lighting these myself

I don’t necessarily say a prayer

It’s more a secret

A secret I can share with someone special

Perhaps living, perhaps gone

But always just between the two of us

Sent to let them know I’m still thinking of them

They’re still in my heart

And won’t be soon forgotten

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Chance Of Regret

Lifted then broken

Wasted time and hearts

All that conceal, temped by mere fate

Slowly watching the undoing

All the work we put in

Happy now?

Do you feel more complete?

Chances are full of regret

Like knocking on the wrong doors

Never really knowing what to expect

Except change

Change that moves swiftly

And leaves you with very little

Much less than you started with

© Dicky J Loweman 2014