Forest Dream

I run through the forest

In the darkest of the night

This dream,

Has no ending of importance

This traveler has a journey

But, nowhere to go to

Deeper and deeper,

Until the trees shade out all moonlight

And the forest’s sounds consume

And all is peaceful

Until I wake up

To the sounds of a lifeless city

All the grunts and groans

The racket

The mischief

And the morning

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

The Night This City Burned

And the lions lay in their beds

On their backs, with the fans blowing the night air away

And the topless dancers collect dollar bills

From the sailors and street-wise foes

Who know all to well

It’s not safe to go home

The dinner will be served at 8

Baked beans shoveled in

Pure boredom and a skittish grin

Folks like us should be locked away

Maybe studied, most likely just left for dead

Now Bobby was hit by that train

And Nancy only comes around after sundown

Cliff is lost in Utah

Probably never to be seen again

And the dogs will own the streets

And the Pope will give one last prayer

Saying all is lost

Make sure to wear your best underwear

Don’t get caught without them, or matches

To burn this place to the ground

Leaving more for the bugs to sift through

And time moves along

And alone

At the very same speed

It always had

And always will

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Open City

People everywhere

The streets bustle with life

lowlifes, bums, hookers and johns

Busses belch out exhaust

People yelling at taxis

Cab drivers who pretend not to hear

Car horns and panic

Strife and confusion

No time to slow down

Don’t want to be left behind

It’s a rat race, don’t you know?

Watch where you are going

Look both ways before crossing the street

Even one way streets

Give leftovers to the homeless

Help an old lady across the street

All this shit helps you fit in here

I need this city

And I need to get away

Spend a day on the beach

Drinking fruity drinks with little straw umbrellas

Clear the mind

Just enough time away

To get back to the race

This city rat race

© Dicky J Loweman 2014