to be in one’s prime

to grow luxuriantly,

find comfort alone

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Over And Over, Again

I have sat here

In this same spot

Hundreds and hundreds of times

I have sipped from countless drinks

Written thousands and thousands of words

Line after line

Night after countless night

I have watched hour after hour on this same tv

And listened to so many jazz albums

That my brain would not even register a number

As tall as it is

And what do I have to show for it all?

I now own a couch, with a depression

I have spent too much money on drinks

And had to wash too many glasses

I’m left with countless unpublished works and writes

My trusty old tv is still working

And is still used to fill up the dead hours

As far as the jazz goes?

Every night, from the early to the wee hours

Some things are done because we’re used to it

Some are done for the comfort we get from it

I really don’t have the answers


That I do very few things here, but

When I do them

I have no idea when or how to stop

Damn you, comfort

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Pissing Bliss

I’m not at all against wasting an entire night

Insomnia aside, I like the nighttime best

I can easily plan for future days or think about nothing at all

I find, generally, I worry less

And I’m good with that

I have a soothing concert playing on the iPad

Miles Davis in Paris, 1967

Now that’s a good fucking show

I have a fresh rocks glass

Filled with ice and some J & B

I also have a new South American tobacco

Just picked it up today

It’s a fine smoke

Warm trumpet, a warming scotch and smokes

This is a mathematical equation

Trumpet + scotch + smoke = Bliss

Yeah, right now I’m pissing bliss

And I believe, this is about as happy as I can get

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



You say

No one takes comfort in you

No one seeks this from you

This perplexes you

Causes you to lose time thinking about it

You look to me for answers

Any advice I can give

“Maybe you should spend less time dwelling on it

And spend more time working on it”

You don’t like this answer

I can tell from the look on your face

Sorry, honey

Sometimes the truth isn’t what you’d expect

Or want to hear

Maybe you’ll learn to take

A little comfort in that

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Amazon Crack

There’s a crack in your windshield

It’s been there since I’ve known you

I like it there

It reminds me of an ancient bending river

Somewhere in the Amazon, somewhere we have never been

You see me stare at the crack

You remind me to remind you to get it fixed

But you never even wash this car

So I feel quite comfortable

That this ancient windshield crack/river

Will be around for as long as the Amazon

© Dicky J Loweman 2014