The Man Who Didn’t Want A Sandwich

A crippled man lay on the sidewalk

His crutches leaned against the wall, next to him

He asked if I could spare some change

I didn’t have any

But I was on my way to eat

I told him I’d catch him on the way back

A little disgruntled, he agreed

I ate a sandwich then thought of him again

So I bought him one, too

Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese

I thought that would do

I passed by him, gave him the sandwich

He reluctantly took it

Asked me again about my spare change

I figured I did him well

So the Sandwich was all I left him

About an hour later I stopped by the liquor store

Picked up some gin and a lime

In  front of me in the line

Was the same man

No crutches, just a bottle of vodka

“How was that sandwich”, I asked

“Never ate it.  I sold it”, he exclaimed, while holding the bottle for me to see

Then he paid with a twenty-dollar bill

Gave me a wink

And rapidly proceeded out the door

On two very abled legs

Well played, sir

© Dicky J Loweman 2014