darkness moves the light

behind, so it can’t be seen

long rays now eclipsed

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Dreams That Scare

Dreams, like the one I just had, scare me

Not because it was a nightmare

But because it was so real

You were in the dream

And you too, were very real

When I woke up, I instinctively rolled to your side of the bed


Just like it should have been

Well, it’s too early to get up

But it’s too late to get back to sleep

So I turn on the light

And grab the old photo album I leave on the nightstand

I thumb through the pictures

You are in every one

Looking at them makes me miss you more

Hope you’re doing well, up there

And I turn out the light

And just sit in the dark

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Harbor Of Early Morning Hours

The wasted fields and battered landscape

Were all that stood in the end

The chaos, the madness and the unbelievable

Still float in vulnerable harbors of our minds

There is nothing left now

And even the packs of wild hunting dogs

Are showing fear from the lacking

Nights are long and cold

Stay huddled for warmth and for protection

From those very bad and infested memories

Which fill our lifeless and barren dreamscapes

In these, the longest, coldest and darkest times of night

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Curiosity Changes The Brain

Curiosity changes the brain

Makes you want to see things

Things you wish you hadn’t

Things which can not be unseen

Like staring at a car wreck

Watching someone’s house and life

Going up in smoke and flames

Allowing the neighbor to savagely beat her child

And leaning closer to the wall

Trying to make out her words

between the crying and screams

It’s because there is a darkness

Which lies deep within us all

And pushes us for answers of why or what next

It’s true

Curiosity changes the brain

And brings out that tiny, suppressed demon

In each and every one of us all

© Dicky J Loweman 2014