What A Way To Go

They said he was a great writer,

In his day

And they said he drank constantly,

And wrote continuously,

While getting in trouble with the law,

With the men,

And with the women

Basically, he was an asshole,

And not the type of company,

Anyone wants around

So, in the later years,

He became recluse

And no one found his body,

For three days,

After he shot himself

So full of those writing,

And so full of those drinks,

In the end,

They said he was great

But no one wanted him around,

And this seemingly great man

Died completely alone

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

My Response To a Friend Who Said She Wanted To Kill Herself

Sometimes I can’t imagine why I’m still here,

How I’ve made it this long

The gods have shined on me,

That much is certain,

And I’ve used up more lives than a cat

Someday, baby, this shit will wear out

Grow thin, then finally give way

Then they stick you in the ground,

Or, if luck will have it,

Burn everything you have ever been

Either way,

It’s going to be ugly

But, just like the taxes I never pay,

It’s inevitable

Now, go out and do something fun

Go get drunk,

Go roll with the hookers,

Spend every last dime

But come back tomorrow,

And tell me all about it

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


There is a very painful moment in life

Where you wake up and discover

That most of it is gone

That time, now moves faster than ever

And no matter how rich, successful, or happy

None of this will matter

In the end

For when the end comes

It will look the same to all of us

We will all end up alike

For dead is dead…

The end

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Death To Traffic Lights

I sit

And wait

And then I wait some more

For this light, to finally change

Time seems

To slow

To creep


I’m impatient

Need movement

And thoughts of illegal moves slither

Into this stilled brain, while waiting

Time laughs,

Gives me

The finger


Patients is

A vertue

Or so I have been told

But I wish death, to all

Traffic lights

As I

Wait alone

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

On The Gallows

As I stood on the gallows

I could hear all the cries below

Hang the bastard

Let him go

He’s innocent

He stands guilty

At this point, it’s useless

I’m going where we are all going

Only I’m going to get there

A little faster than most

Faster than everyone here

That much is obvious

That much is clear

But I lived faster

And that should be noted

The fastest ponies always die the hardest

Broken legs

Broken reins

Broken first — and the hardest

My guess is that it sets an example

Something for all

To look at

To remember

To fear and root against

© D J Loweman 2015