don’t try

Don’t Try

Don’t try

Don’t work at it

In the end, it turns out fruitless

Good for nothing

Don’t try

To be the perfect poet

The next great American author

The person with the next impressive line

Trying at this is pointless

All done for others

To feed an ego

Inflate the head

Instead, take your time

Write about what matters to you

What moves you

What you wish would be

Don’t be put off by what others might think

Your critics usually only hold you back

Don’t write for those who you don’t know

What have they done for you?

Don’t try


Create lines about the impossible

The ridiculous, insane

If your imagination wants, write about the abstract

Those things which only make sense to you

Write what you want

Fuck everyone else

This is your escape

And in the end

You are the only one

Who needs to be impressed

© Dicky J Loweman 2014