Keep your eyes on the road

Don’t look at me

Just keep your eyes forward

This is a long jaunt, especially at night

This is where things turn towards the terribly wrong

I don’t want that turn

Tonight’s been long

We’ve been through some stuff

So do me a favor

Keep your eyes on the road, I’m thinking

“What did you say?”

“Keep your eyes on the road”

“Are you sleeping?” , she asks with disgust

Just resting my eyes

Not that she needs to know

“No.  I’m here”

She’s in control now

This is where she should be

And likes to be

I’m just a passenger

Strapped in, for my convenience

© Dicky J Loweman 2015




Start in the atmosphere

Bounce and bound

Bouncing around the highs and the lows

To show us all the ups and downs

All the upsides of having

The many gifts of giving

To see the secrets of laughter

Doing our best to keep together

I am but just one of you

Put together, we strive and stretch to

Become whole

We do our best to clear the skies

Just one part

A single piece of the puzzle

In this black and white space

The rainbow

The Beach

I sit here

On my own shore

My time, my thoughts

I chose to think of you

All your rotted ways, all of your darkest days

I sit here

Sip my poison, smoke my cigarettes

I smile at the sea

The air, birds and this foreign sun

I choose to lose you

Choose to let you slip away

All your forgotten Promises

All your black and wicked days

I sit here

I sit some more

Take my time

And thank the heavens

You’re gone

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Glide down the street with feet barely touching ground

Earth shaking moments like this day

Leave one wrangled and drenched

With over-the-top optimism and a profound sense of entitlement


Skip past the flower shop, far and away from everyday thoughts

Thoughts which smell cleverishly like heaven

Traffic signs mean nothing, no people in the way

In the way like sheep being herded toward the big buzz


In one instance, one can see everything clearly

Clear as a churchbell on Sunday morning

Float past the dirty old man, Starring

Through a horde of caderacts which cloud his vivid eyes


Slipping in and out of sunshine

Do the best to remember what this happiness is for

It’s worth what was paid for

The sharp tare and the sting

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Old House

Take a walk with me

Let me show you around

This is the old front door that sticks

Leads to the hallway, loaded with goods

The hall seat

Complete with high-back, hat hooks and mirror 

There are stains on the step

Left from my dog

Now long gone

Move up the stairs

I remember every creek

I know just where to step

So as not to wake anyone

I always return so late

That’s my room, in the corner

Where I hatched all my plans

Where I dreamed of you at night

Here’s the window I crawled out from

Sit on the roof

I count the millions of stars

Take a walk with me

Let me show you around

Like you, this old house

Was a good friend of mine