Stationary is rarely a good place to be

You sit too long,

And you’re dead in the brush

I watch all the creatures around me

Nobody stays put,

And with good reason,

Because the stagnate get eaten,

Eaten up in the big wide world

People, like you and me,

Have got it so good

Except for other people,

No one hunts us

We’re the top of the food chain,

And can afford to be lazy

So most of us are just that


And we act like idiots,

Waste like fools,

And think we’ll go on like this forever

But remember this,

The dinosaurs were around for more than 140 million years

And they never smogged the skies,

Polluted the waters,

Or burned the lands

We’ve been here for about 10 million years,

And have managed to fuck it all up,

Yet we keep telling yourselves,

How we’ll go on forever

It’s a good lie,

but it only will last,

If we take care of it

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Moon, Sun And Earth

The moon

Sits still

And watches over all of us

Tugging the oceans like a blanket

Rocking us,

Calming us,

Moving us


The sun

Casts warmth

And light by which we see

All the beauty in this world

Growing us,

Protecting us,

Guiding us


The earth

So overcrowded

Treated as if she is eternal

As if we do no harm

Providing us,

And we

Only take

© Dicky J Loweman 2015