far away


I think I’ll move to Paris

A quick pack-it-up and go

Go see the museums

No need to tell anyone I’ve gone

But I don’t speak the language

And I have nowhere to bed down

And the underworld

Of any city

Can be a very grueling place

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

A Look To Her Face

Kelly has a look to her face

Like she’s annoyed, or maybe far away

Tonight was a complete bust

No fun to be had and we’re both feeling the effects

Slow and stale

Not too much to talk about

Except for the thoughts of tomorrow

To take the day with a glorious fury

And kick and scream with all delight

But, as for today, this day is finished

There is no way to take it back

To undo it, relive it, or ever cherish it

So we’ll just have to let it go

Wait out the time and plan for the next

But that plan won’t be today

And Kelly still has that look to her face

I wish it could have been a better night

I wish I could change it all

But I know I can’t

So instead, I just sit back, swirl what’s left of the ice in my glass

And watch her, in her distant, far off place

© Dicky J Loweman 2015