Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

Today is a hot day

Much too hot to think about doing,

Anything which would require,

Much movement,

Or even thought

These days, when it gets this hot,

I think in amazement,

How the leaves have the strength,

To stay on the trees,

How dogs can still muster a bark,

And how your fine ass,

Still parades around the house,

Looking comfortable,

As if it were only 75 degrees

I don’t have the strength,

To go to the other room,

To pour a much-needed drink,

Or even make it to the bathroom

My mind has gone soft

Thoughts blur together

All one can do, is try to sleep

Sleep it off,

And hope for a cooler evening

That’s when the relief comes

About the same time you need to go,

And I’ll kiss your sweet ass goodbye,

And spend too much time,

Thinking about the wasted day

Thinking about what I should have gotten done,

And hope for a little reprieve,


© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Days Like This

I lost a fifty dollar bill today

Somewhere between lunch and home

My only stop was the newsstand

I ate a bad sandwich with soggy chips for lunch

Dropped my glasses and scratched the lens

I thought the walk would be nice

It was

But on the walk home

I blew out my flip-flop

Had to drudge a mile, barefoot

Asphalt burns your feet in hot Florida sun

My last stop was at the pool hall

Grab a drink, maybe shoot a game

And give my burning feet a rest

I saw Al racking up

I love to take his money

And he never turns down a bet

Double or nothing, he wanted to play

He was already in to me for twenty bucks

I could have beat him

But I had lost fifty bucks

And had no money to put on the table

© Dicky J Loweman 2014