Forest Of Imagination

Here we are defenceless,

Nothing stands between us,

And all which roam out here

So what can we use,

To protect ourselves,

From the onslaught,

Of watching eyes?

We have the branches,

Shaped like swords and spears

The leaves can be our shields

We can take cover under the trees

They fly, but we can run,

And the winds blow,

In our favor

The sun will slow them,

Causing them to lose precious steps

Use what we have,

And living to tell another tale,

Isn’t so very far-fetched

The forest holds secrets,

Holds the key,

To the secret place,

Where our imagination,

Can be freed,

And we’ll run,

From all the invisible,

From all the dangers,

Our wild and childlike minds,

Can come up with

For out here,

Deep in the woods,

The only real fears,

Are the ones we create,

In our own imaginations

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Forest Dream

I run through the forest

In the darkest of the night

This dream,

Has no ending of importance

This traveler has a journey

But, nowhere to go to

Deeper and deeper,

Until the trees shade out all moonlight

And the forest’s sounds consume

And all is peaceful

Until I wake up

To the sounds of a lifeless city

All the grunts and groans

The racket

The mischief

And the morning

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


I love the forest

Almost as much as the beach

Long strolls

Under the tree’s canopies

Shoots of sunlight poking through

And that comforting coolness

Which only comes from the forest

I love the smell of the pines

And I imagine heaven to be as green as here

I like the tingle I get

Seeing a deer

Or a bear or fox

And the birds sing the best songs

Deep in the forest

Where one almost becomes lost

And I wouldn’t mind it, not a bit

Just myself and the path

And all the magic

Any forest brings

© Dicky J Loweman 2015