Songs She Quotes

It seems lately that the music I play

While writing these few lines

Is inspired by songs she quotes

It always seems fitting

The right song, the right time

A perfect fit

She’s good like that

She’s good to me

I wish I could see her and thank her

Wish we could hang out

Go for a hike, out to dinner

Or maybe just stay in and have drinks

Come to think of it

We might not even talk

And that’s alright

The music she would pick

Would be words enough for

The both of us

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

A Movie I’ve Grown Tired Of, But Will Watch Anytime

We sit together on the couch

Watching a movie, we’ve both seen countless times

It’s a slow movie

And I find my mind takes small breaks

It fades in and out

I find myself stealing quick glances at her

She has beauty

Even as we sit in this dark room

Her prettiness shines like a supernova

But, more often than not

She wears a frown

She has demons

She has hidden secrets

The ones she never talks about

The ones I never ask her about

And she likes it that way

The fact that I don’t pry

And I like it that way

She leans to me, rests her head on my shoulder

She knows she’s safe here

This is a place she can forget about the demons

And she knows I’ll do her no harm

We’ve seen this movie, so many times

And while I’ve grown tired of seeing it

In this present moment

It’s the best movie

I have ever seen

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Coffee With A Friend

A friend stopped by

To tell me his wife had left him

I didn’t want to be rude

But, I had to ask

How long did he think she was going to stay?

For she was beautiful, he was not

How long did he think it would last?

For she was young, he was not

He said he figured it would last about as long as it did

So I had to ask him another question

How did he know this?

He looked up from his coffee

With heavy, tired eyes

He said he knew she would only stick around

As long as his money did

Then we sat in silence

And finished our coffee

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


No Regrets

I feel bad about the way it ended

But I carry no regrets

I said things I shouldn’t have

But I have no regrets

You, too said nasty things

And I would guess

You have no regrets

This can be chalked up

To ‘just how we are’

And no need for regrets

I understand

As I’m sure you do too

There is no apology

Nothing which can be said

For we both know

No other way

Than, to disregard this completely

For there are no regrets

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


The Night This City Burned

And the lions lay in their beds

On their backs, with the fans blowing the night air away

And the topless dancers collect dollar bills

From the sailors and street-wise foes

Who know all to well

It’s not safe to go home

The dinner will be served at 8

Baked beans shoveled in

Pure boredom and a skittish grin

Folks like us should be locked away

Maybe studied, most likely just left for dead

Now Bobby was hit by that train

And Nancy only comes around after sundown

Cliff is lost in Utah

Probably never to be seen again

And the dogs will own the streets

And the Pope will give one last prayer

Saying all is lost

Make sure to wear your best underwear

Don’t get caught without them, or matches

To burn this place to the ground

Leaving more for the bugs to sift through

And time moves along

And alone

At the very same speed

It always had

And always will

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



I like the likes of you

In all the time we spend together

You seem to have paid attention

Attention to the details

To this bitter, old man

Who, by most accounts

Should always be left alone

You know the exacts of my world

How I like my drinks poured

How I like my smokes rolled

When to coddle me

When I need to be ignored

You seem to have mastered

Showing up at the right times

Bringing laughter when needed

A good scare when it’s not

You make a cozy companion

On those cold and dark nights

And you always seem to say the right things

At the most inappropriate times

Bringing a constant smile to my face

Whenever you’re around

And for reasons unknown to me

You always thank me

Tell me how I’m always there for you

And know just how to fix you

Whenever you brake

It hardly seems fair

I can’t see how I’ve am nearly as good to you

As you are to me

But sometimes, questions like these

Are much better left unanswered

© Dicky J Loweman 2014