Drawn In

The room was dimly lit, at best

I could only see a few feet in front of me

But that’s where she sat

She smoked long cigarettes,

Which were set between skinny fingers,

finished in a french tip style

She took deep inhales,

Followed by longer pauses

Then she would release

All the smoke from her lungs,

Creating a swirl of blue-grey clouds

Which transformed into beautiful sculptures

And while they only lasted for a moment,

I was drawn in

As deep as her inhale,

Only to be blown away,

In the end

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


There are tiny grains of sand

Around your lips

You wear tear-stained cheeks

And have learned through the years

To wear them well

You view The world through squinted eyes

Because you stare at the sun

And watch for the burning

The light too bright

With hopes and false dreams

That in time it will fade

But memories like this don’t fade

They burn for longer than you’ll be around

And in the end

You’re left holding nothing

Except a heavy head

And an empty heart

The hair curls around your neck

And thoughts come to mind

About the pressures of all that strangles you

All that has let you down

All that has left you here

And although I can’t feel your pain

I can see it

For it’s painted all across your skies

With wild carelessness

Like a true life Jackson Pollock

A painting without an ending

Without bright colors

But plenty of cold

And dirt

And emptiness

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

A Little Too Late

Surprised by so little

And a little too late

Dinner isn’t anything special

She couldn’t cook when I first met her

She still can’t cook now

So why bother?

Why continue, why move forward?

This seems like a perfect dead-end

And there isn’t enough room to turn around

So we just become complacent, like we’ve been doing for years

Not much has changed

Not much will

And like the oils on the painting

Which never completely dry

What we are left with, is only unfinished business

Not something to look forward to

Not something we should worry about completing

Things like this surround us

And will take up the entire day’s thoughts

But that changes little

And my ashtray is full, again

And the beer I was working on is empty

And there she is

At the foot of her stairs

Calling for me to come down for dinner

Same again, same as it ever was

It won’t be special

And I won’t be surprised

But I will most likely show up late

surprised by so little

And forever, a little too late

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Girl With No Name

There is this girl

And she twists and wiggles

Her way, to my insides

I’m far off, all away from her

There is no chance

A girl like that wants anything

To do, with a guy like me

But I think silent thoughts

Thoughts made for her

But meant only for me

So I’ll just sit back

Here, and watch her from afar

And to sum it all up

This fleeting thought

From the back of this half-rotted mind

I would settle

And be happy

With just your name

© D J Loweman 2015

The Girl He Loves

There’s a bitterness to her cough

There is rage to her stare

She seems to be in a far away place

You don’t mind, though

You’ve loved her for this long

You’ll love her for longer still

Never mind the outbursts

Never mind all the comments

That’s not how you see her

You’ve been at this for a long time

Why would you change now?

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Walking Girl

I have a beautiful view of her

From my seat, in the back of the cab

She walks with a pretty nice stride

Nice legs, nice ass

Wonder where she’s going?

In such a hurry, I bet it’s important

The light turns green

We start moving again

We pass her on my left

And I watch her disappear in the thick of the crowd

Who knows?

Could have been a lifetime lover

Maybe even a future wife

I doubt that

And sink back into my seat

And enjoy the rest of the ride

© Dicky J Loweman 2014