Greys Of Carbon

Rummaging through the ashes

Looking for the lost

That we know we won’t find

That of which can’t be brought back

The memories were hidden away

Tucked between the greys of carbon

And all the questions we don’t dare say out loud

The secrets can’t be rebuilt

The lifetime of memories

And yet the thoughts of it all

Will carry through the darkest nights

The longest of hot days

And all the time which sleep steals

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Sunshine And Rainbows

The truth is cold

And it’s cold down here

Sunlight is at a premium

Short and faint, when it’s there

The clouds are ominous

Dark, threatening and heavy

Ready to spill and drench

The days are short

Nights are long

The shadows grow early

And unlike up there

Here, they make noise


Sounds you wish you didn’t have to hear

No, it’s not the place of sunshine and rainbows

But rather, a place of grey and winds

You won’t find company and you’ll long

For the glory days

Way back

Up there

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Grey Area

Boredom consumes me

I can’t find peace

In this restless house

Everything looks askew, dirty and out-of-place

Kind of what I imagine purgatory would look and feel like

I think I should go for a walk

Get some air

Try to clear my head

Of this grey area

I seem perpetually stuck in

The wind is stronger than usual

I find that no matter the direction

I’m heading straight into its arms

The sky gives off a grey-ish tint

Reminding me of the thoughts I’m running from

I think I’ll wonder home

Fix a drink

And take a nap

Hoping when I wake

I can start


© Dicky J Loweman 2014