rainbow from the clouds

please mark that old pot of gold

lead me to your end

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

If You Like It

If you like it, take it

You worked hard, so reward yourself

It seems like a waste to me

But I didn’t put in all the work

The sweat, the hours, the grime

And if you feel that it will bring you happiness


Then reward yourself

It’s there for the taking

Just reach out and grab it

Don’t ask for my approval

Or whether or not I think it’s worth it

Just do it

Go ahead, knock yourself out

You know what they say

It’s the little things in life

Which make this mad world

Worth living

© Dicky J Lowweman 2015


She Demands I Write For Her

So I am to write

So to your fare

So to your good looks, beauty

So shut me out

Do it, again

Sloppy writing

So as I am writing

You will be happy

Yeah, this is me

So let’s move on

Forge ahead

So you can read into this

Take out what you will

Believe it to be about your beauty

When, in reality

This was written about nothing

Nothing, nothing at all

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Pissing Bliss

I’m not at all against wasting an entire night

Insomnia aside, I like the nighttime best

I can easily plan for future days or think about nothing at all

I find, generally, I worry less

And I’m good with that

I have a soothing concert playing on the iPad

Miles Davis in Paris, 1967

Now that’s a good fucking show

I have a fresh rocks glass

Filled with ice and some J & B

I also have a new South American tobacco

Just picked it up today

It’s a fine smoke

Warm trumpet, a warming scotch and smokes

This is a mathematical equation

Trumpet + scotch + smoke = Bliss

Yeah, right now I’m pissing bliss

And I believe, this is about as happy as I can get

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Stuck On You

I get stuck on you

My mind keeps covering the same thoughts

Like a record stuck on a scratch

Or a dog with his head stuck in a fence

I feel like I’ve stepped in mud

And now, here I’ll have to stay

There is an upside, however

I like all those thoughts of you

Being this happy

Makes with wish for being stuck

A little more often

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Truly Great Find

You are

A truly great find

Last of the unpicked gems

Like finding a box of silver in the corner of a thrift shop

Better than finding a Rembrandt at a garage sale

The barmaid come up to me

Smiles and winks

She said she has something I might like

She found one last bottle

Of that coveted whiskey

Tucked away in the back and unnoticed for so long

Here’s to you old friend

The last of the last greats

Make it a double


© Dicky J Loweman 2014