Dark Room

This room seems darker than usual tonight

No moon and only one candle to see by

You sleep on the couch

With your feet on my lap

I can hear your steady breathing

I can picture the rhythm of your chest

I stare out the window, into the darkness

While finishing my last evening drink

And my last cigarette

Soon I’ll get up

Empty the ashtray, bring my glass and bottle to the sink

Then I’ll come back to you

Put away your needle and spoon

Cover you up, blow out the candle

And hope I see you in the morning

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Old House

Take a walk with me

Let me show you around

This is the old front door that sticks

Leads to the hallway, loaded with goods

The hall seat

Complete with high-back, hat hooks and mirror 

There are stains on the step

Left from my dog

Now long gone

Move up the stairs

I remember every creek

I know just where to step

So as not to wake anyone

I always return so late

That’s my room, in the corner

Where I hatched all my plans

Where I dreamed of you at night

Here’s the window I crawled out from

Sit on the roof

I count the millions of stars

Take a walk with me

Let me show you around

Like you, this old house

Was a good friend of mine

The Walk Home

The walk home tonight seems longer

The air just a bit cooler
The night a tad bit darker
There’s no one to walk with
Strange sounds fill the fauna I pass
A quick movement
And an unheard invitation to creep into the darkness
I feel it might be you out there
trying desperately to call out my name
I stop, listen and finally
No rustling, no calling, no you
The walk home tonight seems longer