Tonight Is One Of Those Nights

I sit at this computer

Filling lines with useless words

Some days/nights I can write a lot

But nights like this, tend to get me down

I fill line after line

Write word after word

But in the end,

After all the typing,

I haven’t created anything I like

This, to me, is worse than

Having written nothing at all

Be it from writers block or laziness

At least I can lie to myself with those

Convincing myself that all those words

Would have been good,

If only I had typed them out

It’s a simple lie,

And I’d buy it

But, no

Instead, I’ve got lines

After miserable lines

Filled with nothing truthful

Nothing of interest

Not a thing I like

It’s times like this

When a drink is required

Tonight is one of those nights

I’ll take mine straight

And make it a double

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


The Beer Stand

I hate waiting in line for a beer

These may be the slowest lines

Of all time

And after all the minutes spent,

In this line which was born in hell,

The girl in front of me

Finally gets to the counter

This appears to have happened too fast for her

Like she was caught off guard

She looks confused, disoriented and out-of-place

She orders some flavor of light beer

Then stumbles through a small purse

Which is jammed with a phone, keys, tampons

Until she finally pulls out her bills

She pays with a twenty

And walks away

It’s finally my turn

I step up impatiently, and tell the girl what I want

She apologizes, and mutters in a most unfriendly tone

That they only have light beer

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Mysterious Wonders

All along the block

The people herded like cattle

And waited in the line

Something was happening

Something big

And I was out of the loop

I wasn’t invited

And I was not at all interested

So I passed the people

Who stood like corpses of shuffling dead

No one was talking

They all just looked straight forward


And waiting

Waiting, for this big thing

This mysterious wonder

I passed each by

And thought about how long the line was

And I smiled

Because, to me, nothing in life

Is worth a standing and shuffling

For that long

I hope, for their sake

It was worth it

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Daydreaming In Line

I’m stuck in line and we aren’t moving

I fidget, rock back and forth

I feel claustrophobic

I feel confined, with all these others

And they’re closing in

So I need distractions

I look at the pretty girls

I watch their legs


And beautiful hair

I’d take anyone of them

Without knowing a thing about them

Anything is better

Then being stuck in this line

Then I watch the guys

I bet he’s a banker

He’s a cook

And that one’s gotta be a junkie

Some are highbrows

Some are the lowest of life

Some of these folks make me smile

Some, wince with pain and disgust

But, in all reality

The banker, the junkie

The beautiful hair

That great set of legs

All of us

Are very much alike

We are all still stuck in this line

© Dicky J Loweman 2015