Cynical Kisses

Sometime the cynical kiss,

Is all I get

It’s also often,

All I can muster to give

Some days I hit a hot streak,

Many more, I can’t find my way,

Out of a paper bag

And that rests just fine with me

“Why can’t you say nice things?”,

She wants to know

Well, I’d like to know, too

But that’s all I’ve got

The tank nears empty,

The streets are being washed,

In bile

Can I say something nice?

Sure, when the moment hits me

But that moment is pretty far off,

The sun of that day,

Has gone down

I’m onto sulking, now

I’m out of luck,


And beer

These days,

These days

This is al I have to give ya

Cynical or not,

It’s the best I got for today

So there you go, love,

A kiss for you

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Sorry For The Silence

Sorry for the silence,

But I get tired,

Of the loud night’s shouts

She and I have,

Come and gone,

Parted ways,

And left all the entrails hanging

The deal sounded good,

In theory

But it looked worse,

Once it was written on paper

So I’ll move her letter on,

Place them with the thoughts,

That get these deals closed

Sometimes the silence is crushing,

Like the weight of 1000 stones

But often, it shows its face,

In the form of relief

Overthinking, planning, and surmising,

Never does the mind much good

And that about sums it up

Hope that fills you in,

Fills the cracks,

And patches all the leaks

Again, sorry for the silence,

But sometimes, like lately,

The world has been just too loud,

And the silence becomes,

My calm

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


The kindness of strangers,

Plays to the rocking thoughts,

Of this paper-thin mind

With not a lot of time left,

And very little left of importance,

She finds nothing wrong with,

Taking sips of my drinks

Without asking

Or stealing freshly lit cigarettes

No one feels like her

Not the same exact way she does

And the masses,

Should be thankful for that

Reflect into her weary soul,

And spit prayers into the foolish winds

For to end like this,

Is to end alone

Sorrow-filled and empty

And an ending like that,

Is simply a waste

A waste of all her prettiness and promise,

Which was once held so high,

But now resorts to scraping,

It’s own belly across,

This barren and burned world

The same world where strangers,

Don’t save the day

And very rarely,

Can be seen,

Outside of the shadows

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Miller’s Problem, Not Mine

Push against the wind,

The wild flowers,

The rains,

The sea, the sun,

And all those who get in the way

Stare down the barrel of a gun,

And smile wide,

Just like you would do for the camera

This is all that’s left, my friend

The good times,

Jumped ship,

And I’m thinking,

You should, too

But make sure to go out with a bang

Make sure they remember you

Who cares if they ever knew your name

But make sure your face,

Is forever seared onto their brains

Stick to it,

Like dog shit to a shoe

Make it good,

Make it count

Then go and count your blessing,

Lick your wounds,

And cry to all the nameless faces,

You stored away,

And hoped would stay locked up,

For all of time,

For good.

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Lonely Duet

The bar is nearly empty

The rains pour in buckets on the outside world

And the fear of getting wet

Will keep even the heartiest of drinkers

Locked away in the bay

The bargirl strikes a secret conversation

With the barback,

Talking low about hatred for a fellow employee

Not too much is happening, not too much to see, but

In the corner sits a small rise,

Which serves as a stage

On top are duet,

Man and woman,

Who sing old covers — mostly slow dance songs

The woman has a soft and alluring voice

And the man holds his own,

Working away at the keys of an ancient Korg keyboard

It’s a bad turnout for them,

And I hope they don’t get paid by the headcount,

Because their meals and a few drinks,

Would put them in a hole

This night is a complete bust,

And the drinks taste as watery as the outside world

But at least I have a drink for a companion,

And that’s more than can be said,

For the old-time cover duet

Who’s music seems to be falling on deaf ears,

And one very big and lonely dance floor

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Tough Times And No Cat

Times can get tough

I’m not a big fan of times like these

This morning my coffee maker broke

I made it all the way to the coffee shop,

And discovered I hadn’t brought my wallet

Today’s writings didn’t turn out so good

And to top it all off,

I’m lonely

No one stopped by today

No one bothered to call the phone I don’t have

So I spent the majority of the day

Sulking around in limbo

Wish-washed thoughts

And a heavy head

I couldn’t concentrate

I was too consumed by boredom,

To get piss off

Or to write

Or even pour drinks

It seems like the days

When you need company the most

Are bound to be the loneliest days

Of all

I think I just need attention

We all have days like this

But I’m selfish

I want my cake

And I want to eat the whole

Fucking thing

Maybe I need a pet

Someone to talk to,

Someone who will only listen

Listen to my bad days,

But stick around and


Maybe I should get a cat

They require little work

But no,

I had a cat once

The cat left me and

Now resides far away,

Under my good

Friend’s bed

I guess I might run away, too

If I was stuck with me,

On days like this

The days when

Times get tough

© Dicky J Loweman 2015