greenest of the greens

winds blow with calmness and ease

light rains and sunshine

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Far From The Maddening Crowds

All the lines and the bustle,

Take a backseat out here

Car horns and voices,

Are replaced with,

Chirps and squawks

Thousands of shuffling feet,

Give way to flapping wings,

Slithers and jumps

Smog and stagnation,

Is replaced with breezes and sunshine

Life slows back here

Life looks smaller, simpler

The world doesn’t seem so big or scary,

And problems get shoved,

Into the forgotten spaces of the mind

Back here is ‘away’

Back here is ‘vacation’

Out here, far from the maddening crowds,

Is where I feel most at home

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Her Look

I love to look at her

And I love the blank stare

I get in return

A stare which seems to say,

That I am not yours

I guess I have to agree

But I wish she was

And I think she could be

And this intrigues me

I like the sound of it

And I sometimes get the feeling,

Like she enjoys it, too

So here’s to whatever

Here’s to the true and now

This is all but a second,

Wrapped up in a moment

And anyway you slice it up,

I’ll remember it

For the rest of my days

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Some Poets Get It Right

Peppered rays of light

Slip between giant oak leaves of green

Morgan, Masefield, Keats

They got it right,

Knew how to put it on paper

Knew how to take you there

And tell you how you were going to feel

Nothing beats these quiet, quaint spots

Breezes, back here, blow with more scent

Clouds glide with more speed and luster

Between sips of wine

And slight and easy naps,

Comes all the things I need

There truly is no real reason to die,

If your only hope is getting to heaven

Because even if you make it there,

But failed to make it to the small wonders like this,

Then you died without knowing

Heaven was here

All along

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Long Walk

Each step

Carries me

Closer to where I need to be

The comfort, the rest from the

Jagged path

Many footsteps

Invasive thoughts


Lady bugs

Lavender fields

Whisper quietly about keeping me here

I can’t say that I’d mind

Sun fading

Stars beginning

To appear


Not much

Longer now

Safe and sound, all tucked away

Reflecting back to this perfect day

Good memories

Cleared head

Long sleep

© D J Loweman 2015