It’s all in the line and the luck of the draw

Some of us will, but most of us won’t

So, the days bring boredom,

And long walks at night

The airs are filled with memories,

Which just seem to want to stay,

Even though I don’t want them to

Say to me that it’s alright

Tell me we’re ok

Lie to me, if you have to,

Just make sure it’s believable,

Make sure it’s what I want to hear

So this night keeps dragging along,

Scraping it’s nails in the most defiant of ways

You should be here,

Here to see it all

But we both know that won’t happen,

So crack open a beer,

Light a smoke,

And get lost in the twisted halls,

The halls which hold those old memories,

Which I need to lose,

If I ever plan to sleep tonight

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

A Companion Called Lonliness

Loneliness kills in worse style than most

Leaving behind only a burnt out shell

Of a person who, at one time,

Held promise, potential

And if all which can be brought,

Along to the hereafter

Are memories,

Than it’s the memories of that very same loneliness,

Which will be the companion

So many end up with

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Last Waltz

I wore a mask

Of bad and evil

She wore a mask

of kindness and good

We shared a dance,

And she whisked along,

As beautiful as the sun

I took turns with precision and grace,

And planned for only, my own

Looking back, I have seen

The teardrop in her eye,

I could have done more

I could have opened these eyes

But I never did

And we danced along

And she aged within my arms

And smiled at my face

And the words she said,

“I’ll be yours forever”

But I couldn’t muster

Those final words in return

And now it haunts me,

Now I’m left,

with only her memories

© Dicky J Loweman 2105

Long Walk

Each step

Carries me

Closer to where I need to be

The comfort, the rest from the

Jagged path

Many footsteps

Invasive thoughts


Lady bugs

Lavender fields

Whisper quietly about keeping me here

I can’t say that I’d mind

Sun fading

Stars beginning

To appear


Not much

Longer now

Safe and sound, all tucked away

Reflecting back to this perfect day

Good memories

Cleared head

Long sleep

© D J Loweman 2015

Spaces She FIlls

Grab at the words

I’ll take every one of them

Got to find the room

Spaces for each of them

They come faster than I can write them down

Cigarette burns alone in the ashtray

No time for that

This is what’s important, now

And now is not the time to lose focus

She has filled me

Filled me with thoughts and compliments

A true find

Such a lovely girl

So many words

So little time

Write it all down

Take the words

As many as I can

Because soon enough

This will only be a blur

Unfocused and unclear

Grab the words

Take them all

Before this slips away

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Unplanned Visit

It’s subtle

But it’s deliberate, all the same

And without


It creeps to the forefront

Into the light,

From the depths of this old mind

How are you?

Why have you been gone for so long?

Will you stay?

But all these questions

Already have answers

Answers I’ve found

Everytime this happens

So I sip at the coffee

Stare out the window

Watch the day start

And plan ahead, this day

Filling in the time

Wasting the good weather

And doing my best

To forget you, again

At least

Until you show again

unannounced, unplanned and always


© Dicky J Loweman 2015