Settle in,

Get comfortable

And wait for the big show

An entrance so grand, so bright

I sit

I watch

I wait


Time freezes

Winds stop

As the fire slowly builds up,

As night slowly turns into day

Then suddenly,

Without warning,

Sun rays


Morning light

Brightens all

A new day to greet me

And the world is awakened again

Good start,

Well worth

The wait


© D J Loweman 2015

Early Morning Rise

I stir

Still waking

I get up and shuffle around

Like an old car, I need to

Warm up

or else

I’ll stall


Peak out

Old windows

Get a taste for the day

Make a plan, what to do

Sipping coffee

And reading

Morning news


Finally alert

Cobwebs cleared

And ready to start the day

All this world is a stage

And I

Have plans

To shine

© Dicky J Loweman 2015