new age poem

Bad News

Harbored in bed

With all lights out

Not wanting to move

Only to sleep

I could get up

Re-read yesterday’s paper


Filled with story after story

Of bad news

But, instead, I settle for a glass of water

Prepare the coffee pot

The room is dark

No need for the lights

I have nothing to read

I just sit still in silence

With my water

Thinking about the sleep

I missed out on

And wait for the news boy

To bring me today’s bad news

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Paul And The Big Buzz

I went to the store to get groceries

After picking my items, I got in line

There was no one else

Just me and the cashier

His name tag said he was ‘Paul’

Paul started scanning

Then there was a terrible buzz

Paul had done something wrong

Something irreversible

Something Paul could not fix

The buzzing continued

“Manager to checkout 3″, Paul announced

“Try the microphone”, I insisted

Again, but this time broadcasting to the world

Paul needed help

“I’m sorry.  I’m new”, explained Paul

“No shit?”, I answered

And I watched, as a short and fat man rapidly approached

With an angered look to his face

© D J Loweman 2014