new age poetry


Spent $41.00 on a bottle of whisky,

Walked home with a light breeze,

And a step which reminded me of rippling waves

The sun was just setting

It’s very rays reduced,

To nothing more than a soft pink glow

The night in front of me,

Still holds promise

So much to look forward to,

So much anticipation and hope

There will be nothing worth while,

clogging up the television,

And knowing that ahead of time,

Will save me from the countless,

Circling of channels, which will offer nothing back

Instead, my speakers will spew musical notes,

Written in the language of jazz

Filling my ears, head and room,

With a glorious and fulfilling sway,

A quick change of tempo,

And a true heartfelt smile

Which no one but me,

Will be granted access to

No one but me,

Will be allowed to share

There will be writings of all different kinds

Some good, some bad,

Some even unreadable

But I will none the less carve my way through,

Conjuring up those mortal tales,

All the while, engulfed in smoke and laughter,

Distant thoughts and fond memories

All brought on by this easy and effortless walk home,

And a well aged, $41.00 bottle of whisky

Well worth every single penny spent

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Paris Sounds Good

Paris always sounds like a good getaway

Whenever the world comes crashing down,

It seems like the perfect place,

To pick up and run to

I hear she’s a good holder of secrets,

And although many say,

That she’s a tough old girl,

I like to think it really comes from,

All those lost souls,

Who fled to her for redemption

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Do Over

I get the feeling you’re uncomfortable,

With the current state of our agreement

But it was you who ok’d this arrangement,

And I intend to hold you to your word

There is nothing quite like being taken

That second, that moment you know you have been had

You asked for it this way, though

You just failed to realize what you were giving up

Such is the way it goes, my friend

I can’t waste time on feeling bad for you

There was the same choices for you,

That there were for me

I bet you’d give just about everything up,

For a restart, a do over,

Right about now, huh?

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

Today is a hot day

Much too hot to think about doing,

Anything which would require,

Much movement,

Or even thought

These days, when it gets this hot,

I think in amazement,

How the leaves have the strength,

To stay on the trees,

How dogs can still muster a bark,

And how your fine ass,

Still parades around the house,

Looking comfortable,

As if it were only 75 degrees

I don’t have the strength,

To go to the other room,

To pour a much-needed drink,

Or even make it to the bathroom

My mind has gone soft

Thoughts blur together

All one can do, is try to sleep

Sleep it off,

And hope for a cooler evening

That’s when the relief comes

About the same time you need to go,

And I’ll kiss your sweet ass goodbye,

And spend too much time,

Thinking about the wasted day

Thinking about what I should have gotten done,

And hope for a little reprieve,


© Dicky J Loweman 2015