lamplight lights the way

showing me the way back home

thankful for your burn

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Keep your eyes on the road

Don’t look at me

Just keep your eyes forward

This is a long jaunt, especially at night

This is where things turn towards the terribly wrong

I don’t want that turn

Tonight’s been long

We’ve been through some stuff

So do me a favor

Keep your eyes on the road, I’m thinking

“What did you say?”

“Keep your eyes on the road”

“Are you sleeping?” , she asks with disgust

Just resting my eyes

Not that she needs to know

“No.  I’m here”

She’s in control now

This is where she should be

And likes to be

I’m just a passenger

Strapped in, for my convenience

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Before Sunrise

I ride my bike, just before sunrise

Stillness, in the little sliver

Of what’s left of the night

This might be my favorite time

Of all day or night

All the creatures have wondered off

Bedded down, before daybreak

The whole world is mine

No people

No cars or traffic

No noise

Just me

Whipping along, at breakneck speed

Cool winds

And silence

For just this brief period

I’m the king

I rule all the land

Loneliness can be bitter


It can simply be

The best part

Of any given day

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Midnight Stirs

Long past midnight

Most stir in beds

Left for dreams of happy days

And vacation houses on the beach

Some, however, are left to darker nights

Left to stew in thoughts of the undone

Or a past of what’s been done

I slowly pace this home

As quiet as the mice within the walls

And if luck hits me

I might join them tonight

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


That wonderful world

Where we drift and float

Conscientious of the soundness

The proud, the many

The many, unlike you or me

Instead, we stir

Rebounding off walls

Like echoes in a canyon

We pace back and forth

Wearing out carpets

Putting hole in our socks

Any clock become the enemy

Laughing directly at us

Mocking us

Teasing us

Our beds beg to us

Reminding us of what we haven’t

But what we wish we did

A vicious cycle

So we sit

In the dark of night

Neither one talking

We smoke

Cigarette after cigarette

Mixing drinks

Tearing labels off of the old bottles

Until we are ready to give up

Give in, because we can’t take it

Not anymore

The first signs of light

And the eyes of the beast grow heavy

We slump off, beaten

But with the thoughts of tiny victories

We won, is what we think

As we slam, face down

Into the pillows

Only to rise, again

In a few short hours

© Dicky J Loweman 2014