old man

Bad Day Turnaround

I met him last friday afternoon, in the pub

I had seen him there countless times

But we never shared a drink,

Never spoke a conversation

He’s a worn out, gruff-looking thug

Complete with a badly sunburned bald head and scraggly beard

He’s probably thirty pounds overweight

And he’s dressed like he slept last night on a bench

Old faded cutoffs, a tee-shirt complete with a stain

He was seated at the bar, as I came in

I was in particularly good spirits

I just picked up my tickets for the upcoming polo season

I took a seat next to him

I could feel his eyes giving me a ‘once-over’

He made a comment, almost to himself

About how I looked happy

I turned to him, with a smile

And met his face, with a frown

I feel bad for him

We all have these days

So, without a word

I ordered two shots of whiskey

And slid one in front of him

He didn’t speak a word,

And neither did I

But he give me a nod, and finally a toast

We through them back

And sat for a minute in complete silence

Then he got up

Gave me a pat on the shoulder

And thanked me

“That was all it took.  You made my day”

And with that he headed out the door

Sometimes it takes so little

And so often

We will never know

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Kit Kat

A man sat down next to me on the park bench

He held a leash, which in turn, held a mangy dog

“Nice day, eh?”, he said

He didn’t turn to me

He just stared through dark glasses

Looking straight ahead

I wasn’t here for company

But I was in a good mood

And had no reason to be mean

I looked down at the dog

The dog too, just stared straight ahead

“What’s your dog’s name?”

The question seemed to snap him back

He was in another place

He moved his head around a little

And finally answered

“Kit Kat.  The dog’s name is Kit Kat”

I glanced down again at the dog

He didn’t even flinch when the old man said his name

Just kept staring into the breeze

Kit Kat was small, grey and wiry

Kit Kat looked old

Kit Kat was about five pounds of ugly dog

“Why Kit Kat?”

The old man took a deep breath

Exhaled of exhaustion, then said

“My wife wanted a cat.  I wanted a dog.  She would use this squeaky, annoying voice, every time she talked about her little ‘kitty cat’.  So I went out and bought this guy first.  I told her he would just terrorize a cat, so she finally gave up.  I won.”

I could see him crack a slight smile at this

Finally, he added, “My wife is a bitch, so just to rub it in, I named him Kit Kat.  She hates this dog.”

This made me laugh a little

He turned and looked at me

Then he turned his head staight again

“well, nice chat”, he said

And with that he got up

And both he and the dog walked away

After a couple of minutes I grabbed my notebook, got ready to go

It was getting late and I was hungry

As I was leaving, something caught my eye

I looked down

There, crumpled on the ground, by the park bench

Was a Kit Kat wrapper

I smiled and thought how the dog’s real name was probably Bob

© Dicky J Loweman 2015