(no swimming)

no swimming here

narrow mouth of the river

watching for bull sharks

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Far From The Maddening Crowds

All the lines and the bustle,

Take a backseat out here

Car horns and voices,

Are replaced with,

Chirps and squawks

Thousands of shuffling feet,

Give way to flapping wings,

Slithers and jumps

Smog and stagnation,

Is replaced with breezes and sunshine

Life slows back here

Life looks smaller, simpler

The world doesn’t seem so big or scary,

And problems get shoved,

Into the forgotten spaces of the mind

Back here is ‘away’

Back here is ‘vacation’

Out here, far from the maddening crowds,

Is where I feel most at home

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Nighttime Calling

Countless stars,

Mixed with a cool breeze

The night has no moon to shine,

And that makes it darker than normal

I should have gone straight home,

Found my bed and slept,

But nights like this intrigue me,

Call to me,

Pull me in

So here I am,

Back at the marsh,

With all the sounds of the frogs,

Gators, and owls

This always seems to be,

The best way to end a night,

And the comfort found here,

definitely beats out the sleep,

I will never know

Worth it,

Oh, so worth all the while

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Taking It In Stride

It’s hot

And today’s sunshine has finally wore me down

There is no complaint to this,

It’s nothing short of wonderful

Days like this call to me,

From the first rays of light,

Or the morning’s first bird song

I head out to play,

Just like I did as a five year old child

Running wild and free,

Letting the day and my imagination take me,

Wherever they want to go

But I can only go for so long

And days spent on the beach,

Or hiking down new-found paths,

Eventually weigh me and my eyes down

I guess it comes with getting older,

One day closer to that forever sleep,

In a cold pine box

But I go on as far as I can

Doing my best to waste it all away,

Yet, waste not even a single second

Because I know

When the day and I get to this point,

I just have to take it in stride

That agonizing time begins

The time when I limp back home,

Write a few lines, pour a few drinks,

And wait with uncertain anticipation

Just to do it all over,

When that first ray of light

Makes its way into my room,

And we start out again,

Working on another perfect day

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


All Mine

Dawn breaks

Over waters

Of this quietly awakening small marsh

Birds fly, gators bake on banks

Warm sun

Pretty skies

All mine


Slight breezes

Move willows

And the reeds and rushes sway

Back and forth in perfect sync

Morning brings

To life

All around


Morning coffee

Quick notes

Take in the sunshine and warmth

Take notice of reflections in waters

Perfect start

Perfect day

All mine

© Dicky J Loweman 2015