Path Of Life

The path of life is seldom a straight one

there are curves and switchbacks

Ups and downs

This rings true for all of us

Some days are filled with momentum

Some crawl by like a snail

Summer moves with the speed of a bullet

Winter sometimes moves in reverse

The good nights will be the shortest

The bad days will seem never-ending

And along the way there are rocks on the path

Fallen branches, obstacles

Some big, which require planning and actions

Many are small, which only require a slight change of course

Take this typewriter, for example

The ribbon has run dry

A small obstacle

For there is a replacement, in the other room

As for the gin

This is harder to solve

Because it has run out

and it’s 2:43 am

and there is no way to buy any more

See what I mean?

See how the path can be easy or hard?

© Dicky J Loweman 2015