Dead Calm

Dead calm

No waves

Thoughts stray to the next wind

Stillness paints quite a strong picture

Perfect blues

Perfect Sun

Perfect day


Dead calm

No breeze

Only thing left are the clouds

Occasionally a fly by of gulls

Perfect sanctuary

Perfect form

Perfect day


Dead calm

No loneliness

I’m now missing only the winds

A breeze to blow me home

Silent smile

Perfect day

Dead calm

© D J Lowemaqn 2015


Favorite Pastime

A favorite pastime of mine

Is sitting on my back porch

And watching the boats

Traverse the intercostal waterway

My mind can drift away

As easily as the boats

Which crawl to and from the ocean

The breezes are cool

The air smells like the ocean

And that big old star in the sky

Rains kisses on my face

Life here, gets easier

The pace of the rush significantly slows

Thoughts become clear, focused

I have no problems

Just time to kill

And I like it that way

My favorite way

So, if life ever gets to be too much

Closes in on you too fast

You feel constricted or in torment

Just close your eyes

And think thalassic thoughts

Let the ocean breezes take you far away

Or call me up

Join me for a cocktail

And view it for yourself

A pastime such as this

Should be tested by all

At least once

In this, sometimes unforgiving, world

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Nights Like This

Every now and then

I have one of these nights

My mind doesn’t stir in worry

All awash in calm

Drinks aren’t too stiff

Smoke doesn’t linger too long

There is a warmth from a small fire

And a book to be lost in

Sleep come with relative ease

Heavy eyes give way

To simple thoughts of nothingness

A subtle tease which always leaves room for more

All dreams are at a slower pace

All are lucid and worth remembering

No panic, no chasing, no reason to run or hide

Guards can be let down

All awash in calm

For every once in a while

There are nights like this

Even demons need a night off

So I’ll take advantage

Giving way to a restful night

© Dicky J Loweman 2014