A Drink On The Farm

All the people in this bar have faces like barnyard animals

The sheep gather by the pool table,

Baa-baaing through all the games

The horses gather at the jukebox,

Standing still, talking quietly —

Mine as well be eating grass

The bar itself is over-run by the cows

Too lethargic from the drinks and sun

And the bartender is the farmer,

Making sure all the barnyard animals

Get fed and watered,

Stay fat, full and happy

As far as me?

I’m not quite sure which animal I am

Sometimes I feel like a fox,

In the henhouse,

When the farmer left the door open

Sometimes I feel like a goat,

Half dumb and staring at the knots in the bar

Sometimes I feel like the barnyard dog,

Moving around,

Here and there,

Making sure everyone is accounted for,

And the wolves are kept at bay

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Perfect End

There are different shades of greys

Ranging from charcoal to dust

There are cracks along the way

Climbing up the walls,

Running through the sidewalks

There is a constant heavy sigh,

A slight moan and groan

The bustle of this city

Seems monotonic and mundane

People focus on cell phones and their shoes

And no one glances up,

To read anyone’s eyes,

Or to match a smile with their own

Stale airs and old trash

Tucked away and fill the corners

The same corners they walk past


Without a conscience, without pause

The world rotates at 1000 mph

But it’s much slower, here

Much more impersonal,

Selectively savage, heartless and cold

It’s always good times, somewhere in this world

And that includes 5:00, somewhere

Time to brighten the greys,

Fill in the cracks

And forget all these plagued souls

A quick stroll to the beach cafe,

A stroll by the bar

Grab and go,

Head to the water’s edge

Where the waves sing in harmonies,

Which would make the Gregorian Chants

Seem out of tune

I listen to the winds and the gulls,

As I watch the sun die another perfect death

And at that very moment all is forgiven, forgotten,

All troubles slip and disappear,

Like the smoke from my cigarette

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Once in a while life can slow down to a halt

It freezes, right then and there

I can look around

And see everything at a standstill

The wind stops blowing, the sun hasn’t got warmth

People stuck,

At that very moment in time

This sounds like it might be fun,

A little charm to the day

And maybe a way to pass some time

But, it rarely tuns out to be a good thing

When all of life can be broken down,

To a still frame, a nanosecond,

All the truths and ugliness can come pouring out

The people walking, only staring at their shoes

Or even worse, caught up in the electronic world

Of phones and tablets

The air fills with a vapid taste

A complete lacking of wanting simplicity and happiness in life

There is no sharpness, no flavor

This frozen life-frame is insipid, dull and flat

I think it’s the reason

I’m always on the move

It takes just one of these ‘lucky’ glances

And I want out

I, in general, have a real distaste for people

I think most are out of touch,

Boring and just like all the others


Yes, that’s it


Like cattle or sheep

Always in a group, longing to be or do,

What every other cattle or sheep is or does

Vapid people all crammed together

In a lifeless world

Where mundane and grey and boring

Are looked at as excitement

And I wonder why I always feel the need to get away,

To the mountains, the ocean, The desert

I don’t think it’s about the places I go to

I think it has more to do

With the places and people

I long to leave behind

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Sometime I think

If 90% of all the people in the world

Were to suddenly disappear,

There would still be about 9%

Too many

I know, I know

I’m a glass half-full kind of guy

Look at me,

Mr. Positive

Wishing most of you away

I’m going to get hate mail for this one

I can’t wait

To hear from you soon,

But that goes

Only for the 1%

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Against The Flow

The streets are crowded

And I seem to walk against the flow

Everybody must have somewhere to be

Except me

I take a left turn,

But the street looks exactly the same

Like a wave of oncoming traffic

I’m in the wrong lane

I’ve turned against the flow

Without a way to turn back

I hate this town

Too many people,

But time says

They’ll thin out

Just have to wait,

For the heat of summer

And all the unwanted,

Will shrivel up

And blow away

This is how it happens

Same time, every year

I’m down to the wire,

Out of patients

And then POOF


They leave

Leave me alone

With this hot sun,

And it’s burn

My drinks and my thoughts

The same thoughts,

Of how they’ll come back

As soon as it gets cold up there

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Mysterious Wonders

All along the block

The people herded like cattle

And waited in the line

Something was happening

Something big

And I was out of the loop

I wasn’t invited

And I was not at all interested

So I passed the people

Who stood like corpses of shuffling dead

No one was talking

They all just looked straight forward


And waiting

Waiting, for this big thing

This mysterious wonder

I passed each by

And thought about how long the line was

And I smiled

Because, to me, nothing in life

Is worth a standing and shuffling

For that long

I hope, for their sake

It was worth it

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Fading Away

People fade

Memories fade

And if I sit here long enough, I’ll fade too

Today was a beautiful day

Sunshine and a slight breeze

But this day is fading

And night is clipping at its heals

I think I’ll fade into the darkness

Walk the beach to the old pub

Fade into the light crowd

Sit in the corner, alone

And just fade into the darkness

Days like today are good ones

Soon just faded memories

In a constant fading world

© Dicky J Loweman 2014