Undervalued Art

For the most part,

This world is a beautiful place

A masterpiece, a concoction,

A work of art like no other

It’s all in the detail,

In all the little bits and wonders

But this masterpiece has flaws

There are cracks that need repair,

Chips which need filling,

And a good overall cleaning

The value of this amazing,

And mysterious work of art,

Is, of course, priceless

But with just a minor amount,

Of touch-up and care

Think of how much more appreciated,

And valuable,

She would become

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Mysterious Wonders

All along the block

The people herded like cattle

And waited in the line

Something was happening

Something big

And I was out of the loop

I wasn’t invited

And I was not at all interested

So I passed the people

Who stood like corpses of shuffling dead

No one was talking

They all just looked straight forward


And waiting

Waiting, for this big thing

This mysterious wonder

I passed each by

And thought about how long the line was

And I smiled

Because, to me, nothing in life

Is worth a standing and shuffling

For that long

I hope, for their sake

It was worth it

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


I’m having one of those days

I’m in a lazy mood

And the overcast sky does nothing to help this

I shuffle around my house

In only my boxers

The same pair I wore to bed

I haven’t showered

And just brushing my teeth

Turned out to be a chore

It’s not a particularly bad day

I just can’t get motivated

My morning coffee did nothing for me

And the morning paper is just plain trash

I could clean something

Or make something to eat

But nothing sounds interesting enough

Maybe I’ll just have toast

Then I play the game I always do when I’m bored

I sit down and hand-write lists

Lists of people I need call

Bills that need to get paid

The shopping list, which will never make it to the store

I write lists and lists

I only do this out of boredom

I could manage perfectly well without any of them

But it’s oddly satisfying

And I manage a smile

When I think of how stupid this whole process is

But, hell

Some people do drugs

Others go and get their hair done

I write lists

Lots and lots of lists

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Solid Advice

I go to bed too late

I rise up too early

The sky is still blue

And the water flowing from my pipes is still clear

Dogs still bark

And shit on my lawn, sometime in the night

My neighbor is still a pain in the crotch

And I have nothing in the fridge to eat

Boys will be boys

And the girls will still be girls

This is life, Kido

Nothing really changes

Not in a major sense of way

There will still be babies born

And the old and young alike, will still die

I’ll keep wondering off at nothing

And laugh at the same, when I get back

The day is light

The night, dark

These are the things we can count on

And do count on

And that’s just about all I seem to need

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Pleasant Exchange

I haven’t seen you in quiet a while

You look the same

Same as you always did

You don’t look too bad, but not that good, either

As I walk up you smile

We exchange ‘hello’

We quickly mention that it’s been too long

How we shouldn’t let it go this far

We exchange all the simple small talk

And then I continue on

Find my seat at the other end of the bar

You might walk down and talk a little more

You may not

It really doesn’t matter

For it has been a long time

Things change

People change

The in-between grows longer, wider

And after that much time

It’s realized

We’re out of things to say

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Old piece of paper

Seen in the typeroll

May just be words, alone to you

But, to me

They are so much more

They tell of good times

They tell of the bad

Of days and nights

Long ago, but also not far away

They speak of truths I can’t say

And spill out imagination

I otherwise wouldn’t have

Just a piece of old paper, to you

The whole world to me

© Dicky J Loweman 2015