Some Poets Get It Right

Peppered rays of light

Slip between giant oak leaves of green

Morgan, Masefield, Keats

They got it right,

Knew how to put it on paper

Knew how to take you there

And tell you how you were going to feel

Nothing beats these quiet, quaint spots

Breezes, back here, blow with more scent

Clouds glide with more speed and luster

Between sips of wine

And slight and easy naps,

Comes all the things I need

There truly is no real reason to die,

If your only hope is getting to heaven

Because even if you make it there,

But failed to make it to the small wonders like this,

Then you died without knowing

Heaven was here

All along

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Public Service Announcement

As the killing season gets into full swing

The poets are becoming oh so more aggressive

Here’s what the literary behemoths want you to know

A simple set of rules to avoid becoming a victim

–This very season brings out the nastiness from the writing artist

–This timely increase is not an isolated affair

–It is certainly not confined to a specific geographical area

This has been a public service announcement

Thought you’d like to know

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Number 3 from Scourge