A Date With The Ponies

I slept funny

Too much on my left side

My neck is crinked

And I can’t straighten my spine

This is wonderful

Can’t turn my head to the left at all

It takes everything I’ve got to sit up

I’m going to burn this fucking couch

I really hate it

I’ve hated it for a long time

Way too long

It’s got to go

I struggle to move and find my glasses

Eyes have gone to shit, too

I guess I passed out reading the sports page

I had planned on going to the polo grounds today

I bought season tickets, and the season starts today

But with all this pain

I just don’t know

And, by the way, where’s my drink?

I had just poured a fresh one

New ice and all

I could have left it anywhere, but I’m in no mood to move

I check the paper, again

First chucker starts at 3:30

It’s 1:25

Plenty of time

I actually get really excited to see the ponies

I should shower and get ready

I have a feeling this is going to take some time

Then something catches my eye

Without thinking

Without pain

I turn to the left

And see my drink

No problems reaching for it

No pain at all

I drink it down, all in one shot

Then spring up, and head for the shower

Time is no longer a real factor

But I can’t wait to see those ponies

© Dicky J Loweman 2014