The Beating Rains

I listen to the rains,

As thy beat against,

the windows and door

I am one lucky man

Not everyone I have met,

Is staying as comfortable,

Warm and dry,

As I am,

On this stormy,

And gloomy morning

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Rainy Night

Lightning flashes bright across the sky

I build a fire to keep me warm

But the damp logs just smoke and won’t ignite

It’s a cognac kind of night

Just a smidge to warm the soul

Of course, there’s none in this house

The rains are coming a bit too hard

No sense in trying to venture out

So I’ll pick another nectar

Maybe curl up with a book

Or relive the past through old photographs

Either way

It’s a rainy night

And nights like this

Seem to last forever

© Dicky J Loweman 2014