I Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep tonight

I’ve paced back and forth

switched between beer and rum

Flipped through countless tv channels

And dead air radio

My mind is awash

With thoughts of future plans

And all the things I should have completed, but haven’t

I’m tired, but apparently, not tired enough

Maybe I should try another room

Maybe I should randomly start calling friends

Afterall, if I can’t sleep

Then why should they?

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Over And Over, Again

I have sat here

In this same spot

Hundreds and hundreds of times

I have sipped from countless drinks

Written thousands and thousands of words

Line after line

Night after countless night

I have watched hour after hour on this same tv

And listened to so many jazz albums

That my brain would not even register a number

As tall as it is

And what do I have to show for it all?

I now own a couch, with a depression

I have spent too much money on drinks

And had to wash too many glasses

I’m left with countless unpublished works and writes

My trusty old tv is still working

And is still used to fill up the dead hours

As far as the jazz goes?

Every night, from the early to the wee hours

Some things are done because we’re used to it

Some are done for the comfort we get from it

I really don’t have the answers


That I do very few things here, but

When I do them

I have no idea when or how to stop

Damn you, comfort

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Slow Motion

There are days when things won’t get right

Dressed in old clothes

No care for appearance

No thoughts on dignity

Breakfast is a slow eat

Cold and Bland

Just like the day outside

Choose a course

Make a plan

Pack the notebook, grab the pen

Fill the bota

And don’t forget the glasses

Life moves by too fast, when we can’t see

Pick the bike

Old Peugeot

Oil the chain, air for the tires

Oh, the tiresome

The wicked, the benign

Speed off with haste

Plan the actions

Slow motion, pictures in mind

Find the spot

Not just any spot

My spot

Miles from home

Alone, just

Wine, notebook, pen and glasses

Buzz the head

Fill the pages

Then back home

Return in time for nightfall

All the questions, darkness, and calm

Which always tag along

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


I’m having one of those days

I’m in a lazy mood

And the overcast sky does nothing to help this

I shuffle around my house

In only my boxers

The same pair I wore to bed

I haven’t showered

And just brushing my teeth

Turned out to be a chore

It’s not a particularly bad day

I just can’t get motivated

My morning coffee did nothing for me

And the morning paper is just plain trash

I could clean something

Or make something to eat

But nothing sounds interesting enough

Maybe I’ll just have toast

Then I play the game I always do when I’m bored

I sit down and hand-write lists

Lists of people I need call

Bills that need to get paid

The shopping list, which will never make it to the store

I write lists and lists

I only do this out of boredom

I could manage perfectly well without any of them

But it’s oddly satisfying

And I manage a smile

When I think of how stupid this whole process is

But, hell

Some people do drugs

Others go and get their hair done

I write lists

Lots and lots of lists

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Expecting So Little, Seeing So Much

We never saw so much

We never expected so little

They lit up the night

And the show was worth what we paid

We sat back and took it in

No one said a thing

There was nothing left to be said

So we all just watched

In amazement

In anticipation

Out of respect and awe

And then it was over

As quickly as it began

No grand finale

No one  to thank us for coming

And as we walked away

The simple thought slipped in

That this very evening

Was never really

For us at all

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Daydreaming In Line

I’m stuck in line and we aren’t moving

I fidget, rock back and forth

I feel claustrophobic

I feel confined, with all these others

And they’re closing in

So I need distractions

I look at the pretty girls

I watch their legs


And beautiful hair

I’d take anyone of them

Without knowing a thing about them

Anything is better

Then being stuck in this line

Then I watch the guys

I bet he’s a banker

He’s a cook

And that one’s gotta be a junkie

Some are highbrows

Some are the lowest of life

Some of these folks make me smile

Some, wince with pain and disgust

But, in all reality

The banker, the junkie

The beautiful hair

That great set of legs

All of us

Are very much alike

We are all still stuck in this line

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Along For The Ride

Sometimes, without explanations

Things just happen

They can be good

They can be bad

It’s an unpredictable ride

And there is no way

To have complete and total control

The best thing to do

Is sit back and take it all in

The sooner you realize this

The better the ride will be

And if you can recognize it for what it is

You might end up liking the bizarre journey

I prefer the back seat, for the ride

I guess I like to feel pampered

Maybe I just like to be driven around

Either way, I have found

It allows me to focus on this free-for-all

And I rarely get scared, anymore

Maybe it’s because of the number of times

I been here before

Maybe it’s the company

Most likely, I’m just not smart enough

To know any better

© Dicky J loweman 2015



If You Like It

If you like it, take it

You worked hard, so reward yourself

It seems like a waste to me

But I didn’t put in all the work

The sweat, the hours, the grime

And if you feel that it will bring you happiness


Then reward yourself

It’s there for the taking

Just reach out and grab it

Don’t ask for my approval

Or whether or not I think it’s worth it

Just do it

Go ahead, knock yourself out

You know what they say

It’s the little things in life

Which make this mad world

Worth living

© Dicky J Lowweman 2015