One Day

One day, for only the sorrowed

Those kept down

Under power and foot

For the under-loved

Those who find no shelter in storms

Just one day

One day to rest their bones

Their heavy eyes

And weighted minds

Make their sleep come fast and strong

Make them dream they were giants

The kings, the queens

With the rights to call the shots

Set the rules

And make it all fair

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Hey, Man…You Gotta Light?

I sometimes think I was born to lose everything

I feel I waste more time looking for “things”

Than anybody else, in the great wide world

I’ve been a smoker for years

And I never lose my cigarettes

But my lighter?

I can’t seem to keep it

I seem to put it down in the most unusual places

And you would think I’d have more than one

But, no

I only have the one

And, as of right now

As I type this out

I can’t remember where I left it

So my perfectly rolled smoke

Lies dorment and unlit

In my lonely ashtray

I bet I’ll spend the next ten minutes

Searching for that light blue Bic

And, as always, when I do find it

It will be in a place

(Any number of places)

That which little Bic lighters

Are never really suppose to be

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

I Don’t Care And Neither Should You (A Note To The Neighbor Who Called Me An Asshole)

I don’t care and neither should you

I’m an asshole and I plan to stay this way

I like what I like and I don’t much care for

Whether you like it or not, or

Whether or not I’m liked

I’m stuck in my ways and my habits

For after all, they tell you habits are hard to break

And so are my ways and so am I

I sling random insults at people I hardly know

People a lot like you

If I’m having a bad day, the rest of the world should, too

I don’t care if this is unappealing or considered rude

You’d be this way too, if you viewed the world as I do

For after all, I’m just an asshole

And I plan to be this way

For a very, very long while

I would say, it’s easiest to some it up like this

I don’t care if you care or not

I don’t care if you stay or go

I won’t shed a tear when you pass

Like I said, I don’t care

I don’t care about it one way or the other

I don’t care, and neither should you

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

*Number 6 from Muses And Other Gauche Thoughts


I’ve grown deft with anticipation

I can’t hear the crowd

Their roars are so load

And they want you to


And I

Want you to lose

For you see, I have money on the table

I’ve lost more now

Than your fair ass can count

But, by your pure injection

Those clean senses

And all those wits

Can bring me on top

Back to where I was

Back to those

Saving days

© D J Loweman 1995/2015

She Demands I Write For Her

So I am to write

So to your fare

So to your good looks, beauty

So shut me out

Do it, again

Sloppy writing

So as I am writing

You will be happy

Yeah, this is me

So let’s move on

Forge ahead

So you can read into this

Take out what you will

Believe it to be about your beauty

When, in reality

This was written about nothing

Nothing, nothing at all

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


The Night This City Burned

And the lions lay in their beds

On their backs, with the fans blowing the night air away

And the topless dancers collect dollar bills

From the sailors and street-wise foes

Who know all to well

It’s not safe to go home

The dinner will be served at 8

Baked beans shoveled in

Pure boredom and a skittish grin

Folks like us should be locked away

Maybe studied, most likely just left for dead

Now Bobby was hit by that train

And Nancy only comes around after sundown

Cliff is lost in Utah

Probably never to be seen again

And the dogs will own the streets

And the Pope will give one last prayer

Saying all is lost

Make sure to wear your best underwear

Don’t get caught without them, or matches

To burn this place to the ground

Leaving more for the bugs to sift through

And time moves along

And alone

At the very same speed

It always had

And always will

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Houdini Was A Bullshit Artist

Houdini was a bullshit artist

Tricks and smoke and mirrors and a tinge of luck

But luck runs only in spurts

It’s a sprint

Never staying with you

For the long haul

So, while tanks of water

Chains and padlocks

Couldn’t tame the great Houdini

One slow punch to the gut

Was quick enough

A sprint or spurt in time

To send him to a long sleep

Resting forever

Next to his luck

© Dicky J Loweman 2015




Just do as they say

Get in line, follow the orders

I used to hate hearing this

Maybe I’ve grown soft

Maybe I’m just old or stupid

Most likely both

Either way, I don’t let it get to me

Not like it used to

And what do you know?

It seems to get easier, when approached this way

I can still do as I please

But no barking back at them

Just a nod of understanding

They think they win

I still do as I please

And as far as they’re concerned

If you nod and keep quiet

They think you as conformed

Will do it their way

And then they leave you alone

It isn’t much

But, this is the advice I have

Listen to their instructions

Nod your head

Then go on and do

What ever the fuck you intended to do

And do it just the way you want

In the end

Everybody wins

© Dicky J Loweman 2015