What A Way To Go

They said he was a great writer,

In his day

And they said he drank constantly,

And wrote continuously,

While getting in trouble with the law,

With the men,

And with the women

Basically, he was an asshole,

And not the type of company,

Anyone wants around

So, in the later years,

He became recluse

And no one found his body,

For three days,

After he shot himself

So full of those writing,

And so full of those drinks,

In the end,

They said he was great

But no one wanted him around,

And this seemingly great man

Died completely alone

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


There are tiny grains of sand

Around your lips

You wear tear-stained cheeks

And have learned through the years

To wear them well

You view The world through squinted eyes

Because you stare at the sun

And watch for the burning

The light too bright

With hopes and false dreams

That in time it will fade

But memories like this don’t fade

They burn for longer than you’ll be around

And in the end

You’re left holding nothing

Except a heavy head

And an empty heart

The hair curls around your neck

And thoughts come to mind

About the pressures of all that strangles you

All that has let you down

All that has left you here

And although I can’t feel your pain

I can see it

For it’s painted all across your skies

With wild carelessness

Like a true life Jackson Pollock

A painting without an ending

Without bright colors

But plenty of cold

And dirt

And emptiness

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Deep End Of The Ocean

And I

Watched you

As you slowly sank down

Dragged to the bottom, so dark

And I

Did nothing

To help


And You

Looked back

Up to me, but said nothing

Just held out both your hands

But still,

So silent

So dark


And I

Turned away

Not wanting to see the end,

The disappearing act, as you slipped

Deeper down

As I

Did nothing

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Counterfeit World

It’s not always as it seems

And rarely turns out the ways you want

But that’s life

This is what we’re given to work with

You got the liars

The cheats

The low-down, no-goods

The special ones, who won’t explain the rules

But don’t worry about it,

Because they don’t play by their own rules, anyway

They like to make it up

As they cruise along

As long as it works out in their favor

That’s how it’s going to be

The fakes, the thieves

And just so you’re not surprised,

They’re everywhere

They’re the ones who sell you

Tickets to the show,

Fed complete with all the lines,

All the bullshit

And the world is full of them

The counterfeit producing,

Bullshit artists

The ones with the pretty smiles

And the swaggered walks

So take a look around

And if you start to pay attention

You’ll see them everywhere,

Spread out

And sucking on the life

Of this beautiful,

Counterfeit world

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Ruins Of Solitude

With all the construction

To the area I live in

They are slowly taking

Everything from me

All my hidden spots

All my places of solitude

My get-aways

My heaven

I have to keep traveling

Further and further

To find the same treasures

And I spend less time

With them all

There’s not many I can walk to, anymore

A bike is usually required

I find cars are impersonal

For venturing to these nirvanas

No time to think

None to plan my ways

Of spending my time

Wasting my time

In my little bits of heaven

Which are slowly being torn down

Built up

And slowly being jettisoned

Further and further away

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Nothingness Of Time

In the moments like these

Times melt away with the filth

With a need to be scrubbed

And scraped, of all the dirt

The skin hides the dank

The darkness, screaming to be set free

All the muscles in the world

Do nothing to aid

Hanging in stillness

Consumed by the stress

And semi-contracted

For an extended period of time

The eyes don’t see the way out

No light bright enough

All lights burning till blind

There are no sounds worth hearing

And a touch would be a savior

But this world has no saviors left

Not for you

Not for the radiated skin

And atrophied muscles

Not for the burnt out eyes

And no touch to save

No hand to grab

As the water rushes over the head

And you slowly sink

To the bottom of your soul

Yes, time takes a toll

A collection of all the good

But, time replaces as well

And leaves you, in return, with nothing

And nothing is huge

Nothing is heavy

Nothing hangs from your neck

And nothing is the weight

Which finally pulled you down

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

A Movie I’ve Grown Tired Of, But Will Watch Anytime

We sit together on the couch

Watching a movie, we’ve both seen countless times

It’s a slow movie

And I find my mind takes small breaks

It fades in and out

I find myself stealing quick glances at her

She has beauty

Even as we sit in this dark room

Her prettiness shines like a supernova

But, more often than not

She wears a frown

She has demons

She has hidden secrets

The ones she never talks about

The ones I never ask her about

And she likes it that way

The fact that I don’t pry

And I like it that way

She leans to me, rests her head on my shoulder

She knows she’s safe here

This is a place she can forget about the demons

And she knows I’ll do her no harm

We’ve seen this movie, so many times

And while I’ve grown tired of seeing it

In this present moment

It’s the best movie

I have ever seen

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


The Note

She rose early

Packed a small bag of belongings

And a snack for the road

She crept around the apartment

Moving soundlessly, like a mouse

She found a pen

And a scrap piece of paper

Sat on the couch

And wrote out her plan

Her reasons

Her thoughts, on all the mistakes

She wrote of her fond memories

And all the good times

When she finished, she looked it over

Then looked to the clock

Time was a factor

And the time was now

She rose up, picked up the note

And walked to the kitchen

She put coffee in the maker

Filled it with water, turned it on

She neatly placed the note under an empty, waiting cup

Then she turned

And headed for the door

She bent down and picked up her bag

And took one more look around

She loved this apartment

So many memories

So many good times

But those were long ago

Things can change

This can go south

So she closed her eyes

She took a deep breath

And softly placed the apartment keys on the table

She exhaled, opened her eyes, turned and left

The door behind her

Locked forever

She got in her car

Started the engine

Backed out of the drive

And headed towards the rising sun

She thought about how he would soon wake

To the smell and sounds of the coffeemaker

He would call her name

He would call again

But this time, there wouldn’t be an answer

She pictured him reading the note

And a tear ran down her cheek

As she continued towards the rising sun

© Dicky J Loweman 2015