The Silent Sea

The silent sea

Is a sea worth keeping an eye on

She’s been known to be a crafty girl

At times, calm

Often stubborn

And occasionally violent

Surprise is this girl’s middle name

She can speak in the softest of tones, at first

But she can spill out a yell in the most dramatic of fashions,

Which can deafen a person in his or her right mind

So take care of her,

And never take her for granted

She’ll turn on you,

Even with all your love and heart exposed

I know this because I have seen it,

Been there and been through it

But like any lover scorned,

Anyone who’s been dumped without reason,

I, like so many,

Keep going back

Hoping for a second chance,

Another shot to make it right

And every time I do go back,

I always seem to find her,

Calm as can be

And I breathe a headful of hope and promise

But like I said,

I’m a fool and I’ve been here before

And I know I can never leave her,

And I know I can’t leave here with my pride,

My mind,

Or my heart

Broken, again

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Stormy Seas

I rock back and forth

To and fro

Side to side

My sail has snapped

The rudder is gone

Any controlling agent

Or influence over direction

Has left my grasp for good

In the galley, plates smash

Pots and pans swing in the toss

The hull has taken water

Through the shattered forward hatch

I’m now locked in the head

Forced to stay

Until Poseidon’s blinding rage

Finally calls me down

© Dicky J Loweman 2014