The time now,

Has become what I refer to,

As the easy part of the year

The sun doesn’t shine as bright,

And the winds don’t scorch your neck,

With every breath they blow

For this is the Fall,


The easy part of the year

It is the great race on to winter,

When all grows dormant,

With all the thoughts of total sleep

Thoughts of sleep and darkness

Not that winter down here,

Is too hard or unlivable

Actually, it’s just the opposite

It’s just not as easy as the Fall

Of course,

I like Summer and all her heat the best

But by the time the Fall catches up to me,

I’m ready for her

I look forward to the chilled nights,

And could use the reprieve in this aging life

I’m ready

I’m set for a little relief,

From all that heat,

The stifling simmer

I’ve grown a little tiresome of,

The everyday late-afternoon downpours,

And the constant sweating

Now don’t get me wrong

I’ll soon miss and long for the heat to come back

But Autumn never comes too soon around here

And, as usual, she won’t stick around,

Quite as long,

As I always seem to wish that she would

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Second Chance

In the end we are all left with nothing

She or he who dies last, only dies the loneliest

The smile from your face

Runs down your chin in drops,

Which collect at the edge of the table

In the end we were left hold thoughts

Of could have been, of days that glowed

But just like winter,

These cold days won’t last forever

There will be a brand new beginning

A fresh start to this race

A chance to collect all the pieces,

A chance to reassemble the puzzle,

To look at this situation and realize,

Just like the sun,

There will be a second chance

A new beginning

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Wasting Summer

Green pasture

Rolling hills

Filled with flowers and good smells

Aromas which make my eyes close

Taken back

Many years

Youthful thoughts


Noon sun

Burning down

The only shade, quarter-mile away

Too many footsteps, too much time

Spent wasting

Simple pleasures

Summer smiles


Afternoon nap

Stealing shade

And this rest, for the haul

Back to the business of life

The cars

The people

The noise

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Springtime awakes

Leaving winter

As cold as she’s always been

Looking tired and lacking life

spring freshens

Spring rejuvenates

Spring arrives


Green grass

Birds chirp

With a feeling of new beginnings

Being reborn at the right time

People laugh

Sweaters hide

Spring smiles


Winter curses

Icy snarls

A long sleep awaits, just beyond

And winter will soon be forgotten

Joyful hearts

Replacing cold

Spring’s here

© D J Loweman 2015

Slow Old Sun

High overhead

Washing out

All the problems of the day

clearing room for the relaxing thoughts

Hot beams

Extremely bright

Without worry


Moving across

Blue skies

taking his time, while heading west

The same as he does, everyday

So calm

So methodical

And peaceful


I come

By often

As often as I’m allowed time

With love and acceptance, for repetition

For warmth

For affection

For shine

© D J Loweman 2015


Blue river

Crystal clear

Moving along like a quiet train

Carrying the life to us all

With power

Much revered

Eyes wide


Channeled through

Soft embankments

Setting new turns and new bends

Slowing in the slowest of seasons

But enduring

Holding strength

Carrying on


Beautiful sight

Second glances

trying desperately to keep it

Following the tiny ripples

Reflective smiles

Gazing upon

Endless hours

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Far Off Thoughts

The dog days of summer

Will soon lick the back of your neck

With the sweet sweat of sunshine

While the off-shore breezes throw chills

and moves grains of sand

in tiny swirls

As our great star retires

Replaced by a full moon

And mesmerizing new tides

Pull our thoughts out to sea

And force our thoughts of winter

Back to the secret caves

Of the slick by and by

We will cherish these days

And forget the old

For it’s times like this

We are forced

To only dream of now

© Dicky J Loweman 2015