sister madly

Sister Madly Stole Our Corkscrew

There is never a corkscrew when we need one

I checked every drawer in this small kitchen


I’ve come up short

When I ask her if she knows

As to the whereabouts of said missing corkscrew

“It must be where you left it”

She is often of no help

Certainly, when it comes to the corkscrew

“You opened the wine last, try to remember where you left it”, she chimes in

From deep in her comfortable seat

Behind her magazine about beautiful women and their styles

“Thank you”, I manage “And thank you, again”

I’m certainly better at sarcasm

Than remembering where I left the corkscrew

“Can you picture it, the corkscrew you’re looking for?”

“Yeah, I can picture it.  It has a black handle.  And the last time I saw it, it was stuck in Sister Madly’s wall.”

“Well, ok then.  Look there…”

“Wait, where?  Who?”

“Nevermind”, I whisper

And continue on checking

All the same drawers

I’ve already looked in

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Riding The City Bus On The Way To Pints With Sister Madly (City Bus #2)

Riding the city bus

Right now I’m the most beautiful person

In the whole world

My hair is wind-blown

My beard is too long

I have tobacco stains on my fingers

I have a cut on my hand

And a stain on my pantleg

My spine is crooked

And I walk with a limp

But from the looks of things here

I am a super model

I see a homeless man with a paper bag

An old woman with eight shopping bags

A sad boy with a crumpled piece of paper

A dirty little girl clutching a doll with no head

I see a man sleeping in the back

A woman with a bad case of gout

And the Dodo who is perfectly content

Handing out Dum-dums

And reading a pamphlet titled

Everybody Knows The Plague Is Coming

That’s when I comprehend completely

This bus is an ugly place

And I am the best looking person here

Life may not be grand

But it could be much worse

It’s cold outside, but I have a coat

I have money in my pocket

Food in my stomach

In twenty minutes I’ll be at the bar

Kicking back pints of cider, with the infamous Sister Madly

I have enough cigarettes to last the night

And I am the most beautiful person

In the whole wide world

When you look at it

From where I sit

© Dicky J Loweman 2104