Drawn In

The room was dimly lit, at best

I could only see a few feet in front of me

But that’s where she sat

She smoked long cigarettes,

Which were set between skinny fingers,

finished in a french tip style

She took deep inhales,

Followed by longer pauses

Then she would release

All the smoke from her lungs,

Creating a swirl of blue-grey clouds

Which transformed into beautiful sculptures

And while they only lasted for a moment,

I was drawn in

As deep as her inhale,

Only to be blown away,

In the end

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Time Wasters

Lighting matches, one by one

Just to watch them burn


Can be your best friend

Or your worst enemy

It all depends on if you have it

And if it chooses to stay on your side

occasional glances

Watching the people come and go

Up to the bar and order

The countless rum and cokes, whiskey shots and beers

That’s when I saw her

Twisting her hair, rolling a smoke between fingers

Wasting time, just like I’m doing

What’s your story?

I wonder

But then it’s time, again

Time takes a hold and I remember the matches

Thank you, girl

For wasting my time

And so I return

And strike another match

Just to watch it burn