stardust on these eyes

heavy from this joyous day

mind taken by sleep

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Right Size Of Life

A lack of space can kill

Confinement smalls the brain,

Dwindling it down to nothing

Troubles like this have been here since the beginning of time

And I seriously doubt they’re going anywhere — at least not soon

So sometimes the only answer is to get lost

Lost in our own thoughts,

Lost out in the wild,

Lost in our dreams,

Lost in love we hopefully find

Sometimes this very sense of lost,

Can open new doors

Expanding our otherwise small and cramping lives

Just make sure you don’t find a place too big, either

‘Too big’ swallows men,

Even the men with the greatest of size

And ‘too big’ will leave you feeling lost

Usually when you need someone around,

But there won’t be anybody in sight,

When things are ‘too big’

So with this little bit of insight,

I’m pleased to tell you,

That most of the time it will all be good

Not ‘too big’, not lacking size, either

And that great buzzard death won’t circle,

At least not most days

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Night Sky

So Big

Continuing endlessly

My thoughts taken deep, rushed away

Stars so close, yet so far

Enticing tales

Of wonderment

And magic


Black skies

Hide sorrows

Shattered pasts and dreary dreams

Holding escape, in skies far distant

Bringing hope

New challenges

And discoveries


Times change

People, too

Looking upward and seeing promise

Of days still yet to come

In skies

So dark

And beautiful

© Dicky J Loweman 2015